The Voice's Jason Derulo rips into 'rude' judges, causing Rita Ora to retaliate

Jason Derulo caused a stir on The Voice with his controversial comments but Rita Ora came out on top.

The claws have come out on The Voice Australia, with international coach Jason Derulo accusing his fellow judges of being "consumed in themselves".

In a battle to win over 18-year-old vocalist Emily Kate, whose moving performance of Goo Goo Dolls song Iris turned all four chairs, heated words were exchanged before one of the judges reacted with a big move.

“I feel like all the other coaches are consumed in themselves, you know?” Jason said to Emily, as Jess Mauboy muttered "Oh wow!" under her breath,

"I'd like to know more about you, they so rudely didn't ask anything about you," Jason continued. "This is her moment!"

Jason Derulo on The Voice
Jason Derulo caused Rita Ora to retaliate on the latest episode of The Voice after he accused the other coaches of being "consumed in themselves". Photo: Seven

The comment made Rita Ora retaliate hard. Before Emily even had a chance to respond, Rita brought out the big guns.


"It's definitely not going to be your moment," she sang to Jason, before blocking him.

"I had one block left, and I had one place left," Rita started to explain.

Contestant Emily was shocked by the block, as was Jason who was left temporarily speechless.

"Oh, he's blocked?!" she exclaimed. "Oh, wow!"

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The Voice contestant Emily Kate was left shocked after Rita Ora blocked Jason Derulo
The Voice contestant Emily Kate was left shocked after Rita Ora blocked Jason Derulo. Photo: Seven


"I blocked him for you," Rita said. "I'll do anything for you! If I had any more blocks, I'd block them all, you have to be on my team."

Rita's big move worked, with Emily choosing to her as the coach, completing Rita's team heading into the final episodes of The Voice blind auditions.

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