The Voice star Jason Derulo's scary hospital dash

Jason Derulo suffered an unlikely injury, resulting in a hospital trip.

The Voice's Jason Derulo has detailed a sudden hospital trip he had to take while in Turkey, which resulted in a team of people trying to remove the star's Oura ring.

In a video uploaded on TikTok, Jason said he woke up with his finger swollen and turning a different colour.

The Voice star Jason Derulo had to go to hospital after his Oura Ring wouldn't come off
The Voice star Jason Derulo had to go to hospital after an accident with his Oura ring. Photo:

Jason then decided to go to the gym with his swollen finger, where unsurprisingly the swelling increased. He had tried to take the fitness ring off with oil, as well as icing his finger to bring the swelling down, without any luck getting the actual ring off.

This ended with Jason making a trip to the hospital where a team prepared to cut the ring off his finger, speculating it would take "one or two minutes".


Using the Spongebob 'one hour later' meme, Jason's TikTok showed the team still hard at work trying to remove the Oura ring, before they eventually managed to get it off, with everyone involved cheering and fist bumping.

Watch Jason Derulo's chaotic ring saga unfold below:

Jason's TikTok was flooded with nearly 2,000 comments.

"I'm so excited about my new Oura ring!", one person joked.

"Shoulda just used some type of string," someone commented, with Jason replying, "Haha we tried that."

"Damn that ring stronger than my relationship," another person added.

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What is an Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is predominantly used to track sleep by measuring time spent in each sleep stage, while also recording heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature and other metrics.


Newer versions of the model also track periods, blood oxygen, and include in-app guided wellness sessions and personalised activity goals to give users a holistic view of health.

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