The Voice 2021: Everyone who made it through to the semi-finals

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The Voice has got us through the terrible winter weather, lockdown and depressive news from around the world but we are now down to the pointy end of the show with the semi-finals fast approaching.

During the knockout rounds, the coaches narrowed their teams down to the two people they think have the best chance to win the competition for them.

So did your favourite make the cut?

Team Jessica

Ella Monnery on The Voice
The Voice semi-finalist Ella Monnery impressed her mentor Jess Mauboy. She had to drop out of last year's show due to the pandemic and not being able to get back to Australia. Photo: Instagram/@ellamonnery

Singing Little Things by judge Jessica Mouboy was a risky audition but one that paid off for Ella Monnery. The New Zealand native had to make a big impression after losing her chance to go all the way on The Voice last year.

"I remember when we were filming the blinds [blind auditions], we were all talking about this virus overseas. And two weeks later, the whole world had shut down," Ella, 24, told TV WEEK. She had gone back to New Zealand and couldn't get back to Australia so had to give up her place in the show. "[The producers] said 'We're so sorry, there's nothing we can do," she recalls. "I was sitting in the car eating chicken nuggets, but I just started crying."


It took a lot of courage for her to try again with three new judges but Jess recognised her talent and was touched by her choice of song.

She sang Stupid Love by Lady Gaga in the knockouts and was put through the the semis. “[It's] extremely hard to do an uplifting song like that and still show off your vocals,” Rita said when complimenting Ella's talent.

Mick Harrington on The Voice 2021
His kids are everything to Mick Harrington and the reason he wants to succeed on The Voice. But you have to dig his curls in his throwback photo! Photo: Instagram/@mickharringtonmusic

When Mick Harrington, 32, first auditioned for The Voice, he not only got all four judges turning around together but also got a solid yes from his girlfriend Bec as he proposed to her on stage after his performance. "Bec is the most important person in my life and I'm doing this for my family, they've always come first – and this confirmed that," he told Woman's Day.

But the couple, who have two children, Bella, four, and 18-month-old Katie, may have to put their wedding on hold if Mick keeps wowing the judges and viewers at home. The gardener from country Victoria was put through to the semis by Jess who continues to encourage him to believe in himself.

“Watching you on stage, you still feel like a fish out of water here… honestly you do belong there. I want to tell you that. You’re not just Mick the lawnmower, you could be Mick the megastar,” his mentor Jess said.

Team Rita

G-Nat!on on The Voice 2021
G-Nat!on are giving it some girl power as they charge into the semi-finals of The Voice. Photo: Instagram/@g.nation_official

Girl power is back with G-Nat!on making it through to the semi-finals on Rita's team. With all the gutsiness of the Spice Girls or Destiny's Child in their hey day, is this the first Aussie girl band that can conquer Australia with their powerful pop for quite some time?

Taylah (18), Isla (17), Mateja (16), Rylee (17), Alessia (17) and Emma (18) got together at performing arts school in Adelaide three years ago.

“We definitely took three years to get to know each other, understand each girl’s performance qualities, work on our blend and work on our harmonies before we wanted to take on a show like The Voice, because obviously you want to put your best foot forward,” Isla told The West Australian.

And they did that on Monday night with an epic performance on *NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye. So much so that Rita was not prepared to say goodbye, putting them through to the semis!

Sian Fuller on The Voice 2021
Sian Fuller may be only 16 but this girl has talent in spades. Photo: Instagram/@siannfuller

She may have originally come to The Voice auditions to support her brother Jordan but Sian Fuller, 16, has ended up going all the way through to the semi finals in the ultimate sibling rivalry.

Sian, who is in year 12 at St Patrick’s College Sutherland, was not considering auditioning herself as she thought she was too young and had her final exams ahead of her. “At first she said ‘No, no. I’m doing my HSC!’," her mum Danielle explained.

Luckily host Sonia Kruger changed her mind and together with brother Jordan she is through to the semis and the siblings have nothing but praise and support for each other.

“It’s nice for me, as a mum, to see them bonding and doing so much together," mum Danielle adds.

Team Keith

 Arlo Sim on The Voice 2021
The Voice semi-finalist Arlo Sim's talent was recognised at an early age. Photo: instagram/@arlo.sim

Sydney teenager Arlo Sims, had all four judges turn in his initial blind audition but chose to go with Keith Urban as he felt they "had a moment" during the song. And it seems the decision by the 18-year-old former student of Newtown High School of the Performing Arts has paid off as Keith is taking him through to the semis!

Arlo has already had quite the fan club including teachers from his old school.

“Arlo immersed himself in music all through his time at NHSPA, looking for any opportunity to develop and display his musical abilities," NHSPA head of music Chris Miller said. "Whether this was playing trumpet in large ensembles, singing in choirs, leading bands as a singer at Earthfest or performing in South Pacific,”

“With a student and musician like Arlo Sim, you are never concerned how they will go in the Music Industry as they will not only take opportunities that are out there but will likely forge new ones,” Chris added.

And forge them he has choosing to audition for The Voice Australia. On Sunday he performed Billie Eilish's ​idontwannabeyouanymore and brought the house down. “Some other artists have to keep looking for their truth and their purity in their soul, you have that, and your job is going to be protecting it," his mentor Keith said.

“Something would have to be seriously wrong if you don’t blow up and become a big artist,” Guy agreed.

Lau Abend on The Voice 2021
Lau Abend shows that she has what it takes both vocally and image-wise to make it commercially. Photo:

Model and singer Lau Abend, 21, has secured herself a place in the finals with Keith but it could have been so different if it wasn't for a near-death experience scuba diving when she was just 16.

She was on a diving trip with her uncle when the boat they came out on left them and four other divers behind in the middle of the ocean.

"I told myself that if I made it out alive, I would hone my craft and find who I am as an artist," the 21-year-old told TV WEEK.

They launched their floatation devices and waited for someone to notice they were missing. "It was such a confusing few hours," she said. "After five hours of floating, we were like, 'OK, we might actually die here.'"

When the boat finally came back Lau cried. "It was a relief to see it," Lau explained. "I remember screaming out, tears streaming down my face. It was such an intense moment."

And hone her craft she did. Performing Adore You by Harry Styles in the knockout rounds was a winner for Lau. "You’re really special,” Guy gushed.

Team Guy

Jordan Fuller on The Voice 2021
Guy chose Jordan Fuller to be one of his final two in the knockout rounds. Photo: instagram/@jordanfuller

Jordan Fuller, 19, impressed the judges from his very first audition when all four turned for his amazing talent. “I can’t believe how somebody this young has that much soul in his voice,” Rita said at the time.

And it seems that their talent is a family trait – not just for the siblings (sister Sian above) but also their music teacher mum.

“After they were born, I directed musicals and taught music every day and they would come with me," Jordan and Sian's mum Danielle said. “They often talk about how they didn’t really have a choice; this is just innate in them."

Jordan's fabulous performance of Justin Bieber’s All About Now not only got him through to the semi-final but also praise from the coaches.

“Jordan ticks all the boxes for me, he’s got such a unique sound and a real depth beyond his years,” his mentor Guy said, while Rita declared his talent “unbelievable.”

Bella on The Voice 2021
Bella at the beginning of her Voice journey and in head-to-toe sequins on Sunday night. And Bella at just four years old - what a cutie! Photo: instagram/@bella.taylor

It was a heartfelt performance by Bella Taylor Smith as the opening lines of Christina Aguilera’s The Voice Within felt as though she was singing it directly to her little sisters who she had to step up and help raise.

“Young girl, don’t cry. I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall,” the start of the song went and it was not just Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy who were in tears after her emotional performance – many fans felt the power of her powerful rendition at home too.

Bella, 23, has been helping out with her sisters, including Gabi who she is primary carer, for after revealing her father started using ice when Bella was a just teen.

She had all four judges turn within a minute of her blind audition and the judges were equally blown away in the knockout round. “I think, because you’re so pure inside, when you sing people can’t help but be drawn to this thing that feels so beautiful, it’s unbelievable,” her mentor Guy told her after she sand. An emotional Jess thanked Bella for telling her story: “For so many who may be going through the same thing it’s helping, it creates change and it heals people.”

The Voice continues 7.30pm Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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