The Voice’s contracts and behind-the-scenes secrets exposed

Not long after Guy Sebastian dropped some major bombshells about life as a coach on The Voice Australia, even more secrets about the series have just been revealed.

While this year’s season has been a huge ratings success for Channel Seven, a source has now spilled behind-the-scenes details about the show’s budget cuts and ‘watertight’ contracts.

Jessica Mauboy, Keith Urban, Rita Ora and Guy Sebastian on The Voice.
A source has revealed behind-the-scenes secrets about The Voice. Photo: Channel Seven

Chatting with New Idea, the unnamed insider claimed that the filming on season ten ‘felt rushed’ due to a different schedule compared to previous years.

They also allege that there were ‘budget issues’ because they only had half the amount of time, and the crew had to work ‘twice as hard’.


According to the outlet’s ‘on-set spy’, a number of this year’s contestants were ‘less than impressed’ after Channel Seven supposedly only covered the costs of their flights and accommodation.

“Producers view it as, ‘It’s your dream, so you need to back it and support it financially,’” the source alleges.

The source went on to claim that the show’s producers had to work even harder to keep this year’s winner a secret after the series wrapped up filming months ago.

The finalists reportedly had to sign ‘multiple NDAs with huge financial consequences’ if any spoilers were to leak.

The Voice's Jessica Mauboy.
Guy Sebastian previously revealed details about the coaches’ notebooks. Photo: Channel Seven

The rumoured details come after three-time coach Guy Sebastian confessed some shock secrets about the competition.

Chatting exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 39-year-old revealed that the coaches are each given red notebooks that hold a variety of helpful information for the Blind Auditions.

“It’ll sort of just say like, what state they're from. There's no names, no gender or anything like that,” he said. “We never get told anything about who they are, we don’t get told the song.

“But if it’s a really random song, like one that’s some B-side Whitesnake or Radiohead or something that not everyone knows, we get told that so that we don’t think it’s an original.”

The Voice's Rita Ora.
Guy says that the notebooks will also tell the coaches whose turn it is to talk. Photo: Channel Seven

While Guy admitted that he doesn’t want to “give away TV secrets”, he disclosed that the journals will often include notes from producers.

“This season we’ve got unlimited chair turns so sometimes if there's one coach that goes in for a chair turn, to make it more interesting, you may as well go in there and have a crack at pitching,” he said.

“They don’t want the show to be all one-chair turns for some of the artists. You want the artist to feel like there are two coaches fighting over them, otherwise, how do you make a good segment out of that? It's just literally, ‘oh Keith is the only one that turned, so you’re stuck with Keith’.

“So there are little things the producer will write in, stuff like, ‘If this is just a one-chair turn, maybe jump in’.”

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