The Voice coaches clash over cheating scandal

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The Voice coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George were engaged in an tiff during Sunday night's episode. Photo: Channel Nine

The Voice Australia’s celebrity coaches have engaged in another on-screen war of words after cheating accusations were thrown around about a contestant’s live performance.

The commotion followed Kelly Rowland’s decision to let contestant, Denzel Akuma, perform an original song, despite it being against the show’s rules.

The former Destiny’s Child singer attempted to explain her decision by detailing how Denzel’s musical style was best suited to a personally-penned track.

“It didn’t really sit right with me having Denzel rap someone else’s song,” she said.

“You can’t rap somebody else’s doesn’t make any sense.”

But this decision didn’t sit well with The Voice’s other coaches, who were quick to claim the move constituted cheating, and left Denzel’s competitors in the lurch.

“People are breaking the rules and I'm just calling them out for being hypocrites,” Boy George explosively claimed, adding the move was a ‘naughty’ one.

Kelly's choice to let Denzel rap an original song copped criticism from some other coaches. Photo: Channel Nine

Delta Goodrem was also quick to chime in, saying the move was unfair on the show’s other contestants who were restricted to singing covers.

“I am all for original music,” she began. “But there are about 40 other people in this competition who would kill to sing their original so why should we just say Denzel can do it?”

However, when Kelly’s contestants insisted they had no problem with her choice to let Denzel rap his original track, Boy George slammed both for being ‘compliant’.

“We’re trying to look for an even playing field,” he said. “This is a knockout, guys, it’s a competition. It’s not about ‘Let’s all agree with Kelly.’”

The Voice's coaches have put on a united front for parts of the show's run. Photo: Channel Nine

“She's completely wrong and that might mean you're going home.”

Despite the furore over his performance, Denzel advanced to the next round.

Another cheating accusation

Last week, The Voice was marred by another cheating scandal after Delta appeared to skirt the rules in an attempt to nab this series’ win.

The singer was slammed when she attempted to use her ‘save’ option twice in order to keep contestants from elimination.

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