Guy Sebastian on once dating The Voice co-star Delta Goodrem

He’s happily married with two kids now, but before he got serious with his wife Jules, Guy Sebastian had eyes for his The Voice co-star, Delta Goodrem.

The pair went on a couple of dates not long after Guy won Australian Idol in 2003. He and Jules had broken up, and Delta was already an Australian icon at the time, thanks to the huge success of her debut album.

Sitting down for a rather awkward interview with 60 Minutes’ Tom Steinfort Guy said, “It was actually the first thing I said to Jules when we got back together.”

“I said, just so you know, I went on a few dates with Delta.”

There wasn’t much of a romantic connection however, and Guy later added that he and Delta moved into the friendzone pretty quickly.

“We identified early on we’re just good mates,” he told the Daily Telegraph, “That’s why we’re still good mates.”

“I’m a family man and Delta is so happy in her life. Even if it’s all in jest, I don’t want to contribute to making Delta look bad.”

“She’s been nothing but so kind and sweet to me.”

The Voice vs X Factor

Delta, who is currently dating fellow musician Matthew Copley, and Guy are going head to head as rival coaches on The Voice, after Guy joined the show this year.

Delta, on the other hand, had been with the talent show since its inception in Australia in 2012, missing only one season in 2014.

The Voice isn’t Guy’s first foray into reality judging however, and he’s previously worked on The X Factor where he had a run-in with another Australian singer; Iggy Azalea.

The pair weren’t the best of friends on the show, but their dislike for each other blew up recently when Guy did a radio interview admitting he “never liked Iggy”.

She was awful to me!” he told KIIS FM. “Like I had stuff on with my kids, she made us all wait for like three hours of something and then rocks up and has attitude.”

Soon afterwards, Iggy took to Twitter to hit back in a big way, calling him a ‘liar’ and accusing him of inhibiting women’s ‘sparkle’.

Iggy Azalea shot back at Guy Sebastian on Twitter. Photo: Twitter

She also claimed that producers on The X Factor fabricated the on-air feud between the two for ratings, even suggesting that Guy had openly admitted the deception to her.

“You told me you were sorry but you had to go with the upstairs requests to create ‘drama’ so you could make sure you remained a judge for next season..” she wrote in the thread.

“I love that you’re STILL using me to drum up attention for a show your on, what’s new?(sic)” she wrote.

Guy and Jules

Guy started dating Jules before he became famous on Australian Idol. Photo: Instagram/Guy Sebastian

Celebrity stylist Jules had been dating Guy before he shot to fame with Australian Idol, but as his career started skyrocketing, they broke up.

They reconnected some time later, with Guy joking on 60 Minutes, “She broke up with me and then I got famous and suddenly she wanted to get back together.”

In 2008, they made it official and tied the knot, and now share two sons, Hudson and Archer.

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