'What a joke': Viewers outraged as The Voice coach dumps two singers at once

Kristine Tarbert
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The Voice coach Kelly Rowland has shocked viewers by dumping two of her singers at once after their Playoff performance during Monday night’s episode.

Elishia Semaan competed against Jimi The Kween, but at the end Kelly said both performances ‘didn’t land’ and she couldn’t take either of them through to the next round of the competition.

The voice coach kelly rowland
Kelly was left with a tough decision on The Voice. Photo: Channel Nine

Jimi had initially been eliminated in the Battle rounds, but New-Zealand based Ellen was forced to drop out of the The Voice competition as she was unable to travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, giving Jimi a second chance.

However that was short-lived when Kelly made her shock announcement, leaving viewers feeling frustrated.

“I can't believe I am saying that both of these performance for me didn't land,” Kelly said.

“And I'm like, ‘did I do something wrong, did I say something wrong, is there something that I didn't convey in our rehearsals?’

“I have to make a really tough decision tonight. I can't take either of you through.”

Host Darren McMullen then had to confer with the show’s producers to find out if that was allowed, before telling Kelly that if that was her choice, it would be honoured.

“I'm going to stick with my decision. Guys please don't charge this to my heart,” she said. “I wanted you to be ready, and I cannot set you up like that. I can't do that.”

the voice jimi the kween
The contestants were left shocked by the decision. Photo: Channel Nine

The artists were understandably shocked by the move, but left in good spirits. Viewers however were quick to take to social media to share their thoughts.

Some definitely seemed to agree with Kelly’s controversial choice.

“Never come across a Playoff that has fallen so flat on it's face ever on The Voice,” one person said on Twitter. “I feel bad for both Jimi & Elishia here. But I do feel in a way Kelly is right, both just didn't seem they were ready to take the next step at this point. Best of luck to both of them in future.”

While another agreed: “She made the right choice, both were all over the place and neither warranted selection for the next round, having 2 wildcards though is a bit controversial.”

the voice  Elishia and Jimi playoff
Both Elishia and Jimi had to leave the competition. Photo: Channel Nine

Indeed, Kelly was then told that because she had dumped two team members she would now have two wildcard spots to fill her team for the next round, something that left many other viewers outraged.

“Kelly is supposed to be a coach. Coaches don’t give up,” one person wrote, while another simply said: “What a joke”.

“So she should only get 1 Wildcard not 2 & goes in 1 short...her choice...rules broken again ...come on The Voice, get fair dinkum,” another frustrated viewer wrote.

Quit changing the rules judges,” was another comment.

While another called it “Bull”. “Take the best one and live with your choices. She’s supposed to be a coach. She just ranked her damn job,” they said.

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