Traitors winner reveals heartwarming plan with $250k prize money

Following a dramatic season filled with plenty of epic blindsides, murders and banishments, Alex Duggan was declared the winner of the first Australian series of The Traitors during Sunday night’s finale.

The 25-year-old model, who began the game as a Faithful before being recruited as a Traitor, managed to deceive her fellow contestants and take home an enormous prize of $250,000.

The Traitors winner Alex Duggan and host Rodger Corser.
Alex Duggan won the first Australian series of The Traitors and took home $250,000. Photo: Channel Ten

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about her win, Alex says that the money will go towards building a life with her girlfriend Tiffany.

“Some of it can go to a house deposit, some of it will go maybe to a ring when she proposes and the wedding, but mostly it will go towards IVF and having kids because they are very expensive,” she details.

“There's not a lot of light shed on IVF for gay couples - and also not a lot of light for straight couples as well and anyone that's trying to conceive - so I think that it's good to just represent the community in that way and be really honest about it and say that it is a gruelling process. And not only do you have to go through so many hurdles, but the money side is also just detrimental as well.”


Alex went on to add that she and her partner had quite an emotional reaction when she shared the news about her win.

“She was just beside herself,” she says. “We both had a very, very big cry and just realised that this is life-changing for us.

“I think her and I both felt that I'd be home in the second week. I never had really any expectation, and so any day longer that I stayed was a gift really.”

The Traitors winner Alex Duggan and her girlfriend Tiffany.
Alex says her prize money will go to starting a family with her girlfriend Tiffany. Photo: Instagram/alexandra.duggan

‘The most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever done’

While the season ended with a positive result, Alex admits the final banishment ceremony was “bittersweet” having to come clean to her close ally Craig about being a Traitor.

“That was hard for me to watch back,” she says. “Sitting there in that moment, I honestly just did not even want to be there. I didn't want to come clean and say that I was a Traitor. It was probably the most heartbreaking thing I've ever done really.

“The physical nod was all that I could really muster in that moment, and leaning over to him and looking him in the eye and saying, ‘Craig I’m a Traitor’, that was kind of the cherry on top of it all where everything came tumbling down. But you know, it had to be done at the end of the day.”


Alex says that her game only really began when Nigel and Marielle recruited her to the dark side because until then, she was just “flying under the radar” and trying her best to establish relationships so she wouldn't be murdered.

“When I became inducted as a Traitor, I treated it like a job and made business decisions that weren't necessarily good for other people, but good for me,” she shares. “I think that instead of thinking with my heart when I was a Traitor, I just thought with my head and I was like, what's my best shot here? I can't trust anyone so let's get rid of them all!

“We all understand that at the end of the day it is a game and only one person could win, and they have all said to me that if they were in my position they would have done the same thing.

“I'm just very grateful for the experience and I think that everyone that entered the game did their very, very best.”

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