The Stanley cup hacks driving social media wild: 'An actual genius'

If you own a Stanley, you need to try these hacks!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the Stanley Cup craze has well and truly taken over social media with impressed fans posting videos all over TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

The worldwide popularity of the brand’s Quencher Cups has resulted in thousands of viral videos and over 6.7 billion views on the #stanleycup hashtag on TikTok alone.

As the renowned cup gains traction in Australia, budget-friendly retailer Kmart even introduced a $15 alternative to the must-have accessory. The dupe flew off shelves almost instantly after being released.

But apart from seemingly being the world's most favoured reusable cup, it appears the $80 viral product can also be used for more than just a drink bottle.

Influencers have started sharing their must-try Stanley Cup hacks and the tricks have certainly divided social media.

“Guess what I just discovered?!” Instagrammer Sarah Matthews shared in a video with her 457,000 followers.

Chatting to her husband Dan in the viral clip, she excitedly says “Guess what fits inside my Stanley?!”

She goes on to demonstrate exactly how a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream fits seamlessly into her Stanley cup.

Stanley cup hack
Samantha Mathews shared her Stanley tumbler ice cream hack with her 457,000 fans to mixed reviews. Photo: Instagram/@wearedanandsam

Her husband, who isn’t exactly a Stanley fan can’t believe how well it fits, saying, “They should be marketing that.”

Her followers seemed to love the idea too, with one commenting “You’re an actual genius!”.

“Put a handful of ice cubes in the bottom and it’ll stay cold for longer!!” Another suggested.

“And it stays cold and your hands don’t freeze while holding it,” another added.


While most people loved her idea, others simply didn’t get the hype.

“I'm confused. What’s so special about this? It’s adding more obstacles to just holding the tub and eating your ice cream,” one person pointed out.

Stanley Cup hacks
She couldn't believe the Ben & Jerry's tub fit directly into her Stanley, saying it was "made for that". Photo: Photo: Instagram/@wearedanandsam

And it seems, despite the hype, not all Stanley hacks resonate the same way either. Another fan who runs a page dedicated to Stanley hacks offered her ‘life hack’ which included using her Stanley as a portable drink cooler.

Instead of pouring her drink directly into the cup, she instead placed a full can of drink into the stainless steel cup and then surrounded it with ice.

She explained that the straw then goes directly into the open can and the lid still seals on as normal.

While some people loved the idea saying it was ‘genius’ others weren’t so sure the hack was exactly a good idea.

Stanley Cup hacks
The hack divided the internet with some people saying they simply "didn't get it". Source: Facebook

“That’s not a life hack. You’re using your expensive cup wrong. They literally make items that keep your drinks colder for longer,” one person offered.

“That is absolutely not a life hack, you’re using it as a cooler,” another said.

Others said that the idea was actually putting bacteria into the cup from the outside of the can.

“I hope they washed the can before putting it in there,” another added.

Despite the negative comments, the post attracted over 7000 likes from, like-minded Stanley fans.

So it seems that although not everyone is a Stanley fan, those who are well likely use it for more than just a drink bottle!

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