Downy Unstoppable life hack cops huge backlash: 'Just no!'

The cult cleaning product might not be so useful for everything afterall.

While life hacks are meant to make everyday tasks that little bit easier, some don’t always hit the mark.

A recent toilet cleaning life hack posted to social media has not only left people scratching their heads but has left them suggesting the hack could cause more work than actually attempting to do the job the regular way.

The tip, which was posted to a Facebook group, posted a video of a toilet cleaning hack.

The trick involved taking an empty plastic toilet bock holder and filling it with the popular Downy Unstoppables laundry scent boosters. The toilet block then fits straight into the toilet but lets out the fresh smell of the laundry boosters.

While the idea seems simple enough, the internet had a lot to unpack about why it wasn’t such a great idea. The video attracted more than 4000 comments with hundreds questioning why this was being shared as a life hack.

The biggest issue that seemed to annoy most people was the fact that you needed to remove the holder from the toilet and refill it.

Downy life hack
This Downy life hack drew criticism from people saying it was a waste of money. Photo: @saharblogs on TikTok

“You’re using this wrong and they cost like $2, just buy a new one. This is not a hack this is stupid and gross,” one person wrote.

Others agreed saying that the hack was more expensive to set up than just buying a regular toilet block to begin with.


While popular as a laundry booster, the Downy Unstoppables beads can be pricey - costing $13 for just over 150 grams. Many pointed out the hack would particularly become pricey once you start flushing the laundry booster down the toilet (quite literally).

“Unstoppables are more expensive than toilet blocks,” one person simply said.

“No thanks. Over here in Australia, a tub of this costs $20. I’m not spending $20 on toilet smells,” another said.

Apart from being a pretty pricey trick, others said it doesn't even do the intended job which was to clean and disinfect the toilet.

Downy life hack
While the toilet hack wasn't well received, others suggested different ways to use the Downy Unstoppables. Photo: @saharblogs on TikTok

Although the laundry booster beads offer up a long-lasting fragrant smell they don’t clean.

“The point of a toilet block is to disinfect and make it smell nice at the same time. Useless expensive hack,” another person said of the hack.

“Why do people have to use things for what they are not intended for? If you want to clean or freshen your loo just use a product for that. If you want to clean your washing machine use washing machine cleaner, not a dishwasher tablet,” another frustrated person wrote.

Although this hack wasn’t exactly a hit, others did share the useful ways they use the Downey Unstoppables including lining drawers for a fragrant smell, being dissolved to make room spray and leaving the beads in bags around the house to deter rodents.

“I dissolve them in a spray bottle of warm water and mist it on things around the house...curtains, shower curtains and bedding,” one person suggested.

“Even better idea… hang that in a closet for odour control. Not a good idea for a toilet,” agreed another.

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