The game-changing avocado hack you never knew you needed: 'Brilliant'

The days of only having 15 seconds to enjoy a ripe avocado could be numbered.

The eternal struggle of making the most of a ripe avocado has met its match with a genius hack that ensures your avocados stay in perfect condition year-round. One savvy shopper has shared how to make sure you are no longer confined to the (very) narrow window of avocado edibility.

"When avocados are cheap and plentiful," she suggested on the the Simple Savers Facebook group, "cut them, freeze them, and bag them to use all year round."

Avocados cut up on a kitchen bench (left) and in a freezer bag (right).
A savvy shopper reveals the ultimate hack for enjoying avocados year-round. Photo: Facebook/Simple Savers

Hailing from Tasmania, where she says avocados are seldom cheap, the innovative shopper revealed her budget-friendly strategy. Buying 'odd bunch' avocados in bulk, she slices and stores them in an airtight container to prevent browning. Even with the slight change in texture from removing the skin, she attests that they're perfect for guacamole, smoothies, or smashed avo on toast.


"Mine haven't ever turned brown," she confidently stated.

The ingenious avocado hack sparked a buzz within the Simple Savers community, with users expressing their amazement.

"Never knew you could freeze avocado!" exclaimed one, while another hailed it as "brilliant." Some shared their experiences, noting: "I've found they're good frozen for a couple of months" and cautioning that the texture may differ, but it's ideal for smoothies.

'Never be the same'

However, not everyone was entirely impressed with the avocado freezing hack. A lively exchange took place within the group, sparking debates on the edibility of avocados after thawing. Some members expressed concerns about the altered texture, contending that the experience may not match the freshness attained with freshly sliced fruit.

"The texture will never be the same as a fresh one. Only good in a smoothie," one group member advised.

"When you thaw them they are awful," warned another.

Within the community, members generously shared other ways to ensure the prolonged freshness of avocados for those not keen on freezing.

One member suggested submerging whole avocados in a water container to extend their shelf life.

When questioned about the technique, she explained, "Submerge fully, whole with skins on." This approach, she said, ensures avocados remain as fresh as ever, even after a few weeks.

An alternate recommendation involved blending the avocado first, adding lemon juice and subsequently using an ice cream scoop to portion the mixture onto a tray before placing it in the freezer.

How can you tell when an avocado is ripe?

Wondering how to gauge the ripeness of an avocado? The group has you covered on this as well.

According to one member, "you press where the stem would be. If it is a little soft there, it is ripe. Don't press the sides of an avocado; that's how they bruise."

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