The Project's Waleed Aly slams gross Aussie habit after viral TikTok

Is going barefoot in public OK or absolutely disgusting?

Waleed Aly has hit out at Aussies who don't wear shoes in public after The Project panel discussed some viral TikToks showcasing Australians' love for being barefoot.

The bare feet trend may not be all that surprising to you if you've grown up in a country or coastal town, went to an Aussie university, or frequented a Woolworths within the vicinity of any Aussie man in his 20s.

But now Aussies are going viral on TikTok for taking casual to the next level, as they get their lil dogs out and go barefoot in places like supermarkets, servos, and everything in between.

Who said Australians have no culture?

Waleed Aly and an Aussie without shoes
Waleed Aly has slammed Aussies who walk around barefoot. Photo: Network 10/TikTok

Tourists have been posting videos online of the laidback behaviour, shaming Aussies for being a little too relaxed about the whole no-shoes thing.

As The Project crew discussed the viral videos, Waleed Aly was not having a bar of it.

Siding with the tourists shaming Aussie locals, Waleed was completely baffled by people who refuse to put shoes on to step out in public.

“Every now and then, I learn something about Australia that reminds me how white I’m not," Waleed said.

"It seems to me that white Australians wear bare feet in the streets and then shoes in the house," he continued.


Panellist Kate Langbroek jumped in, saying: "Can I point out that black Australians didn’t wear shoes!”

"It's a very different scenario," Waleed said.

'What's up with Aussies?'

A recent TikTok had one user asking, "What's up with Aussies?" as they filmed various Australians walking around barefoot.

The TikTok has amassed hundreds of comments since it's been uploaded.

"This is how we are supposed to be," one person said.

"We're built different over here mate. One with nature," another Aussie said.

Other people were grossed out.

"The floor is so dirty tho," one person said with the sobbing emoji.

"Is it a routine thing to like wash your feet before you walk back into your home after this or do people just walk back in with all the germs?" one curious person asked.

Sometimes, it's better not to know the answer.

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