The Project's Waleed Aly shuts down co-host: 'I don't agree'

Kate Langbroek was defending conspiracy theorists when Waleed Aly shot back.

The Project's Waleed Aly has shut down his co-host during her on-air rant about conspiracy theories.

During a segment on 15-minute cities – the idea that daily necessities like supermarkets, doctors and education are all within a 15-minute walk – the panel discussed a conspiracy theory the idea monitors people's movements and increases isolation.

Panellist Kate Langbroek played devil's advocate following the segment, saying we were quick to write off Galileo, who was put in jail because he claimed the Earth went around the sun.

"Well, that's that then," Waleed shot back before Kate continued her point.

"OK, because that, at the time, was considered to be heresy and now we know it to be the truth," she said.

Waleed then tried to discredit her argument, saying "but that's not a conspiracy".

Waleed Aly and Kate Langbroek on The Project.
Waleed Aly and Kate Langbroek debated conspiracy theories about 15-minute cities. Source: Channel 10

"It was then Waleed," she responded.

"What was the conspiracy?" he pressed.

"The conspiracy was that what he believed was wrong, that what he was telling people was wrong," she said.

Waleed then relented and said: "I can see what you're saying."


"I just feel increasingly like there's a battle for control of people, clearly, everywhere you go there are cameras, everywhere you go ... I don't think conspiracy theorists in some cases are that crazy," Kate said.

When co-host Sarah Harris said there were some "crazy" theories like all birds were actually robots, Kate shot back with a scathing comment.

"I don't know about all of them, but I do know birds have got tiny little brains, capable of anything," she said as she shot a look towards Waleed's direction.

"Easily influenced, like the sheep," she added before bleating like the animal.

Waleed shook his head saying, "Oh wow", before adding, "I guess the case has been made".

Kate then asked Waleed if she understood why people may have this opinion about 15-minute cities.

"I get the idea that people are losing trust in government and things like that, I get that, but the problem is the logical extension of that is any time someone comes up with what might be a good idea, we'll just want to kill it because we'll decide it's a conspiracy somehow," he said.

Kate then shot back at her co-host suggesting he was agreeing with her.

"No I don't agree with you," he hit back.

The debate about conspiracy theories regarding 15-minute cities comes as thousands protest in Oxford in the UK to prevent the city's proposal to introduce 15-minute neighbourhoods.

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