The Project's Tommy Little shocks as he pulls pants down live on-air

The Project host Tommy Little has given viewers a little more than they bargained for as he bared his backside when he pulled down his pants on air on Sunday night.

Tommy appeared on the program from London to promote his world-first marathon across the North Sea from England to Belguim to help raise money to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

As The Project hosts joked Tommy only started swimming lessons this year and they would lose him to the North Sea, Tommy spoke of the treacherous conditions he was facing.

Tommy Little on The Project.
Tommy Little is raising money to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Source: The Project

"I just checked the water temperature and it's a touch under 10C. For those who don't know, if you jump in that water and you haven't been training for it, after about 30 minutes you won't be able to speak anymore, your voice goes kind of slurred, you sound a bit drunk, and after 45 [minutes], hypothermia kicks in and you might die," he said.

"That's led me to question, 'What do I do to people's donations if I don't make it?' If I die, do I have to refund people's donations to the swim?"

He said eight people in his team were completing the 92-kilometre swim, each paddling for an hour at a time.


Host Hamish McDonald then joked the last time he went swimming with Tommy, he didn't even own Speedos, before he bared his all to show off his swimsuit tan.

"Hey do you want to see, I never thought I would ask this, do you want to see – I didn't have the c*ck confidence to wear Speedos in public, but now I've been wearing Speedos non-stop, even when I'm not swimming, do you want to see my Speedo tan," Tommy asked the hosts before pulling down his pants on-air.

Tommy Little pulls his pants down.
Tommy Little shows off his Speedo tan line. Source: The Project

The hosts laughed and gasped as he bared his backside showing off his impressive tan line before he pulled his pants down even further.

"Kim Kardashian eat your heart out on that one," he said.

The hosts then got the segment back on track to again promote the cause he was raising money for with his swim.

He said he was aiming to raise $100,000 and his team was currently just shy of $40,000.

He added for the next 24 hours he would match any donations up to $10,000.

Hamish McDonald and Tommy Little.
Hamish McDonald was shocked after Tommy Little pulled his pants down. Source: The Project

"I will open my wallet and hopefully it's something we find a cure for. Now, here is my arse again," he said as he began to stand and Hamish begged him not to.

"Stop, just stop, I will pay you to stop," Hamish pleaded.

To donate to Tommy's cause, visit his JustGiving page.

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