The Project's Tommy Little makes X-rated Lisa Wilkinson confession

The Project host Tommy Little has made an X-rated confession about co-panellist Lisa Wilkinson, saying there was a side to her you don't see on-air.

Speaking to the I've Got News For You podcast, the host claimed he doesn't believe she is actually offended by some of his controversial jokes that have left her shifting in her seat.

Last October, Lisa was left stunned on air when Tommy was presenting a segment on South African cricketer Quinton de Kock.

“There is no better feeling than watching the Aussies bowl with de Kock out,” he said.

While the rest of the panel burst into laughter, with Jan Fran shaking her head at Tommy while smiling, Lisa looked thoroughly unimpressed.

"I don't think Wilko is actually offended, I think she has to appear to be not on-board with the many c**k jokes," Tommy told the podcast.

Tommy Little and Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.
The Project's Tommy Little let Lisa Wilkinson shaking her head at one of his distasteful on-air jokes. Source: Channel 10

He then revealed Lisa "loves the strippers", which was "not something I was expecting when I started to work with her".

"We've been out for dinner a few times, and she's a great host I've been over [to her house] for dinner, and it always gets to a certain point of the night when Lisa gets a sparkle in her eye and says, 'Should we go to the strippers?'

"I say, 'Wilko, no, this has clearly been a problem for you in the past and tonight, no, you've gotta reign it in.'"


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Due to their tense exchanges on the show, there have been rumours the pair have an off-air feud.

Tommy told Yahoo Lifestyle in November Lisa "was fine" with his Quinton de Kock quip.

"She was absolutely fine. If she was not happy, I'd be dead," Tommy said.

"If Wilko is not happy with you she can have you killed."

He did however admit he might avoid adding fuel to the fire in future.

"I feel like sometimes I should stop saying things, after I say jokes on The Project [...] like the line 'Have him fired,' I said that about myself and yet the next day I'll see a headline that says 'Have him fired!' and I'm like 'Oh man, that's my joke'."

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