The Project's Lisa Wilkinson divides opinion after return to show: 'Unpalatable'

The Project host Lisa Wilkinson has reappeared behind the desk after she took an absence and travelled to the US following her controversial Logies speech, which delayed the trial for the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins.

Lisa appeared on the program on Sunday night after she posted a photo from the US announcing she was in the country for some "special" interviews for The Project.

It comes following reports Lisa would not be returning to The Project in July as originally planned and would be based in the US for the coming weeks.

Fans were surprised to see Lisa appearing on The Project, with many sharing mixed feelings about her return.

Lisa Wilkinson hosting The Project.
Lisa Wilkinson was back behind The Project desk on Sunday night. Source: The Project

"Great you're back safe and sound," one wrote on Twitter.

"Great to see you back Lisa! The desk wasn't the same without you. Don't let the a***holes get you down!" another said.

Others however were displeased the presenter had returned and did not address the Logies saga on air.


"I don't watch the show when Lisa is on, I feel she thinks she is above everyone. The show was great when she wasn't on," one said.

"So is there a story about your disappearance and your Logies speech?" another questioned.

"I'm a Lisa fan, an 80s teenager and grew up with her editorialising in teen mags and in her corner recently. But I cannot reconcile her absence since the Logies and her reappearance tonight with nothing. It is unpalatable," a third added.

Lisa Wilkinson outside Hotel California.
Lisa Wilkinson had been working on stories for The Project from the US. Source: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa took a four-week break following her infamous Logies acceptance speech for Most Outstanding News Coverage or Public Affairs Report for her 2021 interview with Brittany Higgins.

Before Sunday's show, Lisa announced on Instagram she would be back behind The Project desk after returning from the US.

During the program, Lisa did not address the Logies saga but after a segment on mental health she spoke about the pressure women felt to have it all.

"I saw some information recently about the age at which a woman has her highest level of self-esteem. The age is nine," Lisa said.

"When you consider that over the course of your life, your goals don't really start kicking in until you've got out there in the workforce, you're educating yourself, you're having relationships.

"So if our highest self-esteem is at the age of nine, we're on a highway to nothing – and it's that internal pressure to achieve perfection."

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