The Project viewers left stunned by Steve Price’s ageless mum

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He’s been very open about his fears of never seeing his mum in person again and fans of The Project were left stunned when they were introduced to Steve Price’s mum, Margo, last night.

Steve and Margo were finally reunited in Adelaide for the first time since February, with the TV host saying: “It is fantastic. It has been 289 days. I counted it out today. As I’ve said on the program a couple of times, I got very emotional about it.

Steve Price and his mum Margo
Steve Price was reunited with his mum Margo in South Australia. Photo: Channel 10

“I can’t say how old mum is, but she is north of 85. It got to the point during this, where like a lot of Australians, you sat there and thought ‘Well, I can’t go across the border. I can’t go and see my own mother and I might not seen her again.’ I got lost in the Adelaide Hills and we’re here and happy.”

While fans were thrilled for the mother and son, they couldn’t get over how ageless Steve’s mother looked in the video.

“She looks younger than him,” one person commented, while another said:” She's 85 and looks younger than him!”.


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“Are you sure it’s not Steve’s sister? She looks amazing,” a viewer said

“85?! Dose me up with whatever Mrs Price is taking. She looks ah-may-zing,” another person wrote.

Back in November, Steve opened up about the devastating blow the latest South Australian coronavirus cluster dealt him and his family.

“Yesterday I gave my mother a date,” the heartbroken host told the panel. “I said, I will be there on the 10th of December in the car to pick you up after not seeing you since February. She’s 87, she can’t fly in a plane, she can’t drive herself. (And now) we may get shut out again.”

Steve Price kisses his mum on the cheek
Steve hadn't seen his mum since February. Photo: Channel 10
Steve Price with his mum and an aperol spritz
Steve had been open about his fears of never seeing his mum again. Photo: Channel 10

Carrie attempted to comfort him saying no decisions had been made on the border closure, and there might be hope for Steve being able to visit his mum, but he wasn’t comforted so easily after he revealed more of the tough conversation.

“She said this morning, ‘OK, I’m just going to have Christmas Day on my own. I won’t make the Christmas cake because there’ll be no-one here to eat it,’” he said.

Making it worse, the host said he felt the news had dealt his mother a serious blow, and she was going downhill because of it.

“I’m not being overdramatic – I really felt this morning that she’d gone downhill badly because of this news,” he said. “And imagine how many other South Australians are in that boat tonight?”

“It’s a bastard of a thing, this COVID,” he later added.

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