Sunrise's Sam Armytage shocked as live TV interview shut down

Kristine Tarbert
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Sunrise viewers and host Samantha Armytage were left completely stunned after a live TV interview was shut down by a security guard.

The bizarre moment came during an interview with Restaurant and Catering Association Chief Executive Wes Lambert, with Sam barely getting one question in before the overzealous security guard interrupted.

Sam Armytage sunrise shocked
Sam Armytage was visibly shocked by the interruption. Photo: Channel 7

“We just need everyone to walk off the property please,” he can be heard saying in the background, before the camera cuts back to the interview and he can be seen standing in front of Wes.

Wes confirmed to Sam: “We’re being asked to move off the property”.

Sam was visibly shocked by the interruption, saying: “Goodness me, there’s a very angry security guard walking around.”

The guard then moved closer to the camera completely blocking the shot, and forcing Sam to end the interview.

“We’ll check that Wes is okay,” she said.


According to 7News the breakfast program had received permission from the hotel for the interview to take place.

However, it is believed the information wasn’t passed on to the security guard, who in the end was simply doing his job.

sunrise security guard interrupts live interview
The security guard stood in front of the camera. Photo: Channel 7

It’s the second time in two weeks Sunrise has been the centre of an awkward live TV moment.

Last week, reporters for two networks’ breakfast TV shows, Sam Mac for Sunrise and Aislin Kriukelis for Today, were on the ground interviewing passengers as they disembarked from some of the first flights from NSW to QLD after the state borders reopened.

And the simultaneous live crosses provided for some awkward TV viewing.

Sam and Aislin were jostling to grab the attention of wives, husbands, grandparents and children as they reunited, and at one point Sam jokingly grabbed Aislin’s Today branded microphone while offering her his Sunrise one as they went shoulder to shoulder to talk to a young girl.

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