'Shut up!': The Project's Lisa Wilkinson derailed by live gaffe

Lisa Wilkinson was forced to draw on her decades of live TV experience on The Project on Sunday evening after a serious technical gaffe saw a news segment thrown completely off course.

Presenting a story about plans to try and procreate species in a sperm bank facility on the moon, Lisa was interrupted by her eager co-host Jan Fran who was apparently anxious to present the following segment, and unaware her microphone was still on.

Lisa Wilkinson The Project live mic gaffe
Lisa scrambled to regain control after a live mic derailed her sperm bank segment. Photo: Ten
Jan Fran The Project live mic blunder derail
Jan Frans accidental interruption threw the whole show off course momentarily. Photo: Ten

"Can I come off the back of this?" Jane was heard presumably asking a producer, though her live mic made sure it was broadcast to the entire audience.

"Go right ahead," Lisa responded. "Just let me finish first."

The ever-cheeky Tommy Little also couldn't resist grabbing the spotlight for a second, adding: "Can I say something after Jan Fran?"

"Just a little bit more it won't be long Tom," Lisa shot back.

Tommy Little The Project joke live mic gaffe
Tommy Little kept the joke going, chiming in after Jan Fran's blunder. Photo: Ten

Even veteran journalist Hugh Riminton couldn't resist getting in on the fun.

"I've got some thoughts," he piped up, though at this point Lisa's patience was up and she interrupted him jokingly yelling "Shut up, Hugh!"


The hysterical moment was embraced by the show who shared the video to Instagram.

"Accidental live mic incident?" the clip was captioned. "It happens to the best of us."

"That was funny," a fan wrote.

"Love it," another agreed.

The latest live gaffe comes after poor Lisa was the subject of another awkward gaffe last week after Tommy Little accidentally poked fun at his co-host 'having a moustache'.

The comedian was left apologising after an interview with Brisbane basketball star Victor Law led to an awkward exchange on the panel.

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