The Project guest freaks when camera reveals his bare feet

Daley Pearson, the executive producer of hit kid’s show Bluey on The Project
Daley Pearson, the executive producer of hit kid’s show Bluey, appeared on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

As the world adapts to working from home where possible we’ve already seen a host of hilarious bloopers thanks to Zoom video conferencing blunders and technical glitches going viral.

Last night it was The Project hosts Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, and Peter Helliar, that were left giggling when a guest interview went a little awry.

Daley Pearson, the executive producer of hit kid’s show Bluey, appeared on The Project after winning an international Emmy for the popular children’s show.

Prior to social distancing restrictions, guests of the Channel 10 show would often appear live in the studio alongside the hosts. But as many of us adjust to our own WFH setups, so do TV production crews, filming in unchartered territory.

The interview even kicked off with a technical glitch, when Daley started talking without any audio, but it was the end of the clip which saw him frantically trying to hide his bare feet.

“Thank you, guys, and thank you for all your support and just thanks to everyone who has...,” he was saying as the camera zoomed out and panned down.

“Don't pan down. Pan up! Pan up! No,” Daley then called out, as he realised he bare feet were now in full view on national television.

Daley Pearson Bluey bare feet on The Project
'Pan up! Pan up!' Photo: Channel 10

Before the hiccup, the producer has discussed watching the international award ceremony through Zoom with the show’s production team, adding there was definitely a “big afterparty – we went to Facebook, we went to eBay!”

Carrie Bickmore - a mum herself - also pointed out what a “godsend” the children’s show must be for parents currently stuck at home with their children.

Of course The Project isn’t the only program to adjust techniques amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tracy Grimshaw hosted A Current Affair from a bedroom in her home on Monday night, and it too was filled with mishaps and technical glitches.

Tracy suffered a few fails throughout the broadcast, including her three dogs crashing the show, with another photo shared online showing her also wearing no shoes underneath the makeshift desk. Not to be outdone by the moment the TV behind her switched channels to another network.

Photo: Instagram/the_cameramans_style
Photo: Instagram/the_cameramans_style

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