The Project's Carrie Bickmore wows fans with cake: 'Unbelievable'

The Project host Carrie Bickmore has amazed fans with her "brilliant" cake creation.

Carrie decided to recreate a Canon camera made completely out of cake for her son Ollie’s 15th birthday on Monday.

Posting her cake sitting next to an actual Canon camera, the star showed off her handiwork.

“Which is the cake??? Happy birthday to my photography-loving 15-year-old (and yes I made it!!!!!!!!!)” she wrote proudly.

Her cake was extremely detailed and boasted a branded strap plus small buttons on the camera body.

Her followers couldn’t believe that Carrie had made the replica herself, with one branding it “UNBELIEVABLE SCENES”.

A Canon camera sits next to a cake that is decorated as a Canon camera
The star compared her 'brilliant' cake to an actual camera. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

“Girl that’s impressive. Happy birthday Ollie,” wrote a fan.

“You are a bloody marvel. Have you ever thought of a Bickers birthday cake book?” another asked.

“Rippa job mum, LOVE a mum handmade cake, THE best. Happy birthday Ollie,” added a third.

“Fabulous job. Looks absolutely amazing. Is there anything you can’t do?” remarked a fan.


Canon Australia even found the post and gave Carrie their seal of approval, saying: “LOVE THIS! Happy Birthday Ollie!”

The TV host also posted two selfies with Ollie on Instagram, and told followers how much she loves him.

“The one thing 15-year-old boys love less than photos…[are] photos and gushy messages plastered all over mum’s Insta. So I’ll be brief and not embarrass him,” she quipped.

L: Black and white photo of Carrie Bickmore and her son Ollie. R: A cake decorated as a Canon camera
Carrie also dedicated a sweet post to her son Ollie. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

“Happy birthday to the actual best son in the world. Please never stop belting out tunes with me in the car. (Too much? He’ll tell me to delete if I write any more). Love you bud,” she finished.

The star’s social media post was quickly flooded by Carrie’s fans wishing Ollie a happy birthday, with one saying that the 15 years "went by quick".

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