Carrie Bickmore roasted by co-host in hilarious photo: 'Terrifying'

The Project host Carrie Bickmore has been mocked by her radio co-star Tommy Little after a throwback photo emerged of her in FHM magazine.

Last week Carrie revealed on Hit Network’s national drive show Carrie & Tommy that she made a list of the magazine's top 100 hottest women in 2002.

For the magazine feature, the host – who was in her 20s at the time – posed on a bearskin rug in a black bra.

Tommy took it as an opportunity to roast his co-star, recreating the photo himself.

Carrie Bickmore with a sultry expression in an FHM photo shoot.
Carrie Bickmore in FHM magazine in 2002. Source: Instagram/Carrieandtommyshow

In the snap shared on Instagram, Tommy is seen posing while wearing a similar shade of lipstick to Carrie and dressed in a black bra and blonde wig.

Tommy revealed the photo to Carrie on-air, asking if she noticed anything different about him.

When she couldn't pinpoint what he was talking about, he said he had been wearing lipstick that he couldn't get off, urging her to question why he had been wearing it.

"Does it look familiar to you?" he asked Carrie.

"Not necessarily, might be a bit red for me," she responded.


Tommy then revealed he had posed for a photo shoot where he needed to wear lipstick that was "the exact type of lipstick that Carrie Bickmore would wear".

"Not now, from when she was number [98]," he said referring to the list of hottest women.

Carrie laughed and said she did not want to see the photo, saying: "I won't be able to unsee it."

"That's terrifying," Carrie shrieked when Tommy finally showed her the photo, laughing at his sultry expression and admitting he looked a little like her.

Tommy Little poses in a black bra and a blonde wig.
Tommy Little recreates Carrie's FHM photo shoot. Source: Instagram/Carrieandtommyshow

Tommy also pointed out that in the original FHM feature they called her Carrie 'Brickmore', and he took the joke even further by posting a picture of a brick with the blonde wig and dangly earrings to recreate her shoot.

"Who did it best? Tommy, Carrie or Brick?" a caption on the radio show's Instagram said.

Masked Singer panellist Abbie Chatfield voted for the brick, while fans lost it over the hilarious photo shoot.

"Now that's just SCARY," one commented.

"Sexy," another joked.

"Scarily similar," a third said while somebody else suggested Tommy should have shaved his beard.

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