The Project's Carrie Bickmore roasted for 'harsh' new look: 'Change back'

The Project's Carrie Bickmore has been savaged online after sharing some snaps of her brand new look on Instagram.

While she was trying to show off her glamorous makeup, hair and outfit — people were horrified by her "scary" eyebrows.

Carrie Bickmore smiles at the camera on the set of The Project
Carrie Bickmore was roasted online after showing off her new look. Photo: Ten

“WEDNESDAY," she captioned the post, before tagging her makeup and hair artists, stylist and dress designer.

The star donned a white Kianna dress with one shoulder, with wavy hair drawing attention to her heavy eye makeup and thick eyebrows.


It didn’t take long for people to compare her eyebrows to "caterpillars", with many begging Carrie to change her makeup artist.

“You are the best-dressed person on TV Carrie. I don’t mean to be rude, but your eyebrows are awful…sorry,” one fan wrote.

“Have you changed makeup artists? Change back. It’s too harsh,” another chimed in.

“Omg the lovely girl at my local post office has scary eyebrows too. What’s with caterpillar eyebrows?” added a third.

Two selfies of Carrie Bickmore looking at the camera showing off her makeup, hair and outfit
The Project's Carrie Bickmore shocked fans with her 'scary' new look. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Other fans also pointed out that the reflection of Carrie’s ring light made her eyes look terrifying.

“Absolutely loved your dress tonight but wow, the ring looks scary!” a fan noted.

“LOL! Can see the ego in your eyes!” wrote a second.

“You are beautiful…eyes a little drag queen though lol,” another joked.

Some fans did note that the makeup was for The Project, and it looked much better on the show.

Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore hosting The Project
Carrie's look was for The Project on Wednesday night. Photo: Ten

Carrie Bickmore's candid parenting struggle

This comes after Carrie returned from her trip to the UK and shared a very real parenting moment.

The presenter returned to The Project desk last month after she set off overseas in April with her husband Chris and three kids Oliver, 14, Evie, 7, and Adelaide, 3.

Posting on Instagram, Carrie shared a photo of a thin unmade mattress on the floor and a doona thrown on top.

"So much bed hopping in our house at the moment, kids are not sleeping, they either end up in our bed or we end up in theirs, or sleeping on a pull-out mattress on their floor (with a doona that we haven't even bothered to put a cover on) ... it's not affecting our mood at all," she wrote.

Followers praised Carrie for the candid post, with many sharing similar experiences with their own kids.

"This is the most relatable thing on the internet," one said.

"Oh this is my life these last few months too. So tired," another commented.

"So real and relatable," a third added.

"It's always nice to know you're not alone," somebody else shared.

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