The Oodie releases range of incredible new products

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Woman with long blond hair wears a pastel patterned The Love Heart Candies Oodie, $84

An Oodie was an ultimate COVID item to have delivered to your door.

The famous wearable blankets were the perfect comfort item for months spent indoors.

Now, Oodie has released a new range of accessories in their cult prints - and you're going to want one of everything.


Here are our favourites from the new Oodie range:

The Oodie Avocado Bathrobe, $74

Made from super soft polar fleece, this is like wearing a warm hug.

It comes in sizes S to XL, has a tie-waist, and two side pockets.

There's also a soft contrasting lining to make it feel extra luxe.

Woman with long dark hair wears the green Oodie Avocado Bathrobe, $74

Oodie Space Hair Turban, $30

This fast-absorbing lightweight microfibre towel will dry your hair quicker than a normal towel.

Twist it up and loop it so it's secure.

You'll spend less time under the hair dryer, and your hair will be less frizzy from towel drying.

It's also available in a floral and avocado print.

Woman has her hair tied up in the Oodie Space Hair Turban in black with coloured stars

Oodie Floral Jumbo Scrunchie, $30

Great for before and after the shower, this enormous scrunchie is fast drying and super absorbent.

It's extra wide and thick to absorb moisture while you’re putting on a face mask or doing your make up.

Use it under a shower cap, on towel-dried hair, or when you just want to be super comfy.

It also comes in avocado and space prints.

Woman with long dark curly hair with blond tips tied back wears a white and pink Oodie Floral Jumbo Scrunchie, $30

Oodie Peach Emoji Briefs, $19

Made from breathable bamboo with added Coolmax technology to wick sweat and keep you cool, these are really soft.

They're also super stretchy, have no-dig elastic round the waist - and look pretty cute too.

woman's bum seen in three-quarter profile wearing Oodie Peach Emoji Briefs, $19

Oodie Eggplant Emoji Trunks, $25

Made from the same soft and comfy bamboo fabric as the peach briefs, these trunks are also stretchy and sweat wicking, and make a great cheeky gift.

You can also get socks, $19, in the same pattern.

Lower man's torso in purple Oodie Eggplant Emoji Trunks, $25
Legs seen from knee down wearing purple Eggplant Emoji socks, $19.

Oodie Corgi Calming Pet Blanket, $104

The original Pupnaps calming bed has now been covered in a cute Oodie print.

This fleecy Corgi print is soft and snuggly, designed to relax and calm your dog's nervous system.

The cover zips off the bed, is machine washable with a waterproof base, and has a 12-month warranty.

For extra cute-factor points, buy yourself an Oodie in the same print so you and your pup are totally coordinated.

There's also a German Shepherd print.

Woman wears an Oodie corgi patterned gown while a tan fluffy dog sits on a same-patterned Oodie Corgi Calming Pet Blanket, $104
Green circular pet bed with images of German shepherds. The Oodie Calming Pet Blanket in German Shepherd print, $104

Oodie Wall Collage Kit, $34

This cute kit contains 75 A5 cards of unique and custom artwork.

Put them on your wall, in frames, send them as postcards or share them out between friends - it's great way to add colour to your life.

Woman with long dark hair worn loose kneels on white lounge with back to camera touching the completed Oodie Wall Collage Kit, $34

Lion King Rainbow Oodie, $79-$104

Made from traditional Oodie material - Sherpa fleece on the inside and soft flannel fleece on the outside - this is a new pattern for Disney fans.

It comes in kids' and adult sizes, is fully machine washable and won't fade or pill.

Lion King Rainbow Oodie, $79 - $104

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