Danielle Armstrong calls out Zara's sizing: 'As if that's a large'

Sarah Carty
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A former reality star has slammed fashion retailer Zara for their sizing to her 1.3 million followers.

Danielle Armstrong, who appeared on The Only Way Is Essex and recently gave birth to a baby girl, called Orla, took to her Stories to reveal that she had gone shopping at the popular shop six weeks ago but released when she got home she couldn’t fit into the jeans.

Danielle Armstrong
Former The Only Way Is Essex star Danielle Armstrong has slammed Zara. Photo: Instagram/Danielle Armstrong

However, while the 32-year-old was elated at now being able to wear the jeans and top following some post-baby weight loss, she called out their sizing online.

"I went shopping at Zara and bought loads of stuff and I put these UK size 12 jeans on. I was a size 14-16 after having Orla, and we all know Zara, they are not very good with their sizing,” she said.

Danielle Armstrong on her Instagram Stories
Danielle slammed the retailer for having a size 12-14 as Large. Photo: Instagram/Danielle Armstrong
Danielle Armstrong in Zara jeans
These were the jeans she initially couldn't fit into. Photo: Instagram/Danielle Armstrong

"Anyone that is in Zara that watches this head office wise, I don't think it's good that a large is 12-14, as if that's a large! The majority of women in the UK, the average is 12 or 14.”

Danielle went on to say that she came home and tried on all the clothes she had bought but it was a “disaster”.

"I could not get these up six weeks ago, it was impossible. Tom told me to keep them and I refused, but ended up losing the receipt and we all know Zara is an "absolute b****" when it came to trying to return clothes.”


Danielle isn’t the only influence to have called out the brand, as a fashion blogger called Becki from Leeds in the UK did the same in July this year after going shopping at Zara, Topshop and ASOS.

Woman wearing white New Look jeans in a size 8
These New Look jeans are a size 8. Photo: Instagram/the_rebeccaedit
Woman in black Zara jeans
These black jeans from Zara are a size 10. Photo: Instagram/the_rebeccaedit
Woman in Zara jeans
These jeans are also from Zara and are a size 12. Photo: Instagram/the_rebeccaedit


“Sizing. Specifically high street sizing. I have no words,’ she continued.

She then went on to post a series of photos, showing her wearing three pairs of jeans in a size 8, 10 and 12., asking her followers to guess which ones are which.

“The point I'm trying to make is this: sizing is not an exact science (especially in fast fashion) and you absolutely cannot attach your self-worth to the number on the label because you're setting yourself up to fail,” she said.

Photo: Instagram/the_rebeccaedit
Photo: Instagram/the_rebeccaedit

She went on to reveal that the white jeans are a size 8, “a little snug, yes, but on”, the black ones are a size 10, “roomy, comfortable and make me feel great” and the blue ones, “the ones that I couldn't even get over my arse” are a size 12.

“Is there any wonder no one knows what size they are?! This to me is madness and if I wasn't as comfortable in my own body and my own skin as I am, these jeans would make me feel rubbish, worthless, fat and the list goes on.

“But I am begging you all, PLEASE do not let the clothes define how you feel about yourself. You are more than a size label. You are more than those jeans that don't quite fit right. And if something doesn't fit you please remember that there is NOTHING wrong with your body and EVERYTHING wrong with the clothes.”

She went on to say that she can’t comprehend a world “where a size 12 pair of jeans are SMALLER than a size 8 pair of jeans”.

“So hunnies, do not be discouraged by clothes that don't fit, don't let them distort your perception of your beautiful, wonderful body and certainly don't let them ruin your day. You are enough, just the way you are,” she wrote.

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