Woman left fuming after bikini fail

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Lydia in her itsty bitsy teeny weeny PLT bikini. Photo: Twitter/Lydiaramsey__

It was a harsh moment of expectation versus reality when British woman Lydia Ramsey unwrapped the blue bandage-style bikini top she’d purchased from online retailer PrettyLittleThing.

Sure, the colour and style of her new purchase - which costs $58 for the set - matched the item’s description on the site, but unfortunately that’s where the similarities ended.

Instead of fitting nicely as is did for the PLT model in the photos, the 20-year-old found the cut-out top couldn’t quite contain her, er… assets.

Lydia took to Twitter to share her fashion fail, slamming the brand in the process. “Never buying a bikini from @OfficialPLT again, sizing is not right” she declared.

To further demonstrate her fury, the unhappy customer included a photo from PLT’s site alongside a snap of herself quite literally busting out of the clearly several sizes too small garment.

Look, can we be that surprised? This is the same brand that sells swimwear that you can’t actually get wet.

Far from a case of buying the incorrect size, Lydia claims in the Twitter comments that she ordered a size 16 which according to PLT’s own sizing guide should fit a 106 cm or DD cup bust.

The 'Cobalt Bandage Bikini Set' by PLT as it appears on site. Photo: PrettyLittleThing.

Despite the bikini blunder, Lydia was eventually able to take a glass - or should we say cup - half full approach, as were the people who commented on her tweet.

“Your norks still manage to look decent tho cudos for that,” wrote one commenter to which Lydia replied with crying emojis and a love heart.

“I am howling” said one, while another thought the skimpy swimwear looked just fine as it is. “You make it look decent anyway,” they wrote.

One fellow bikini buyer shared her online shopping hack, revealing that she always goes up several sizes when it comes to tops.

The brand themselves piped up in the comments to ask Lydia to “pop” them a DM, which is an interesting choice of words if you ask us considering the eye-popping situation at hand.

All puns aside, here’s hoping Lydia finds an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini that actually fits in time to make the most of the northern summer.

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