The Masked Singer star Alli Simpson's shocking accident: 'Lucky to be alive'

Aussie actor and singer Alli Simpson is "lucky to be alive" after a horror accident on the Gold Coast on New Year's Eve almost left her a quadriplegic.

The Masked Singer star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the shock news that she'd suffered two "severe fractures" in her neck after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool and hitting her head at the bottom.

A selfie of Alli Simpson wearing a neck brace and with various wires attached to her stomach in a hospital bed. Photo: Instagram/allisimpson.
The Masked Singer star Alli Simpson is 'lucky to be alive' after a horror diving accident. Photo: Instagram/allisimpson.

'Lucky to be alive'

Along with her life-threatening injuries, the 23-year-old — who is the younger sister of Cody Simpson — revealed that she also tested positive for Covid-19 while being treated at Gold Coast University Hospital.

"Sometimes life can take a big turn in the blink of an eye.. for me, 2022 is not off to a great start a broken neck (plus a positive covid test)," Alli wrote.

"Long story short — I dove into a shallow pool head first & hit my head on the bottom.. on New Year’s Eve I got X-rays/CT Scans & an MRI to find I have 2 severe fractures in my neck (C6 & T1) I was sent straight to hospital in an ambulance to be assessed by a neurosurgeon⁣," she added.

Alli posted several photos showing her wearing a neck brace and a blood pressure cuff while lying on a stretcher in the hospital.


Alli Simpson in costume on The Masked Singer. Photo: Channel 10.
Alli starred at Lightning on The Masked Singer earlier in 2021. Photo: Channel 10.

Her green and blue rugby jersey had been lifted up to expose her stomach which was covered in various coloured wires to monitor her condition.

Alli also shared a black and white image taken in the back of an ambulance and a shot of her positive rapid antigen test.

Alli explained in her caption that she didn't require surgery and had been discharged with a "hard neck brace" that she'll need to wear for the next four months while her neck heals on its own.

She added that the twin fractures at the C6 and T1 sites narrowly missed her spinal cord meaning she was "extremely lucky to be alive" and not paralysed.

A selfie of Alli Simpson wearing a neck brace in a hospital bed. Photo: Instagram/allisimpson.
The Aussie singer/actor documented her hospital visit on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/allisimpson.

"I am extremely lucky to be alive and/or not quadriplegic as it JUST missed my spinal chord [sic].

"The way I see it, four months is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the rest of my happy & healthy life.. as you can imagine, I have been in endless tears and thanking every guardian angel watching over me in the pool that night plus every moment since."

After the terrifying ordeal, Alli said that she had a "new lease on life" and thanked her friends, family, paramedics and medical staff for their care.

"Happy new year everyone - sending love & light hoping the start to your year has been a whole lot better than mine!! stay safe this year fam & DON’T DIVE INTO ANYTHING WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW IT’S DEPTH!!! much love, Alli x."

Alli has been contacted for comment.

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