The Masked Singer 2020: Fans lose it over mermaid dancer's fall

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
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It may have been a showstopping performance by Christine Anu dressed as a Goldfish on The Masked Singer but one backup dancer definitely went home with some sore limbs last night.

While the Aussie singer belted out Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, the backup dancer took an unfortunate tumble in the background, where she was perched on a block dressed in a rather restricting mermaid outfit.

Goldfish the Masked Singer performance
The mermaid on the right, closest to the Goldfish, took a nasty tumble last night. Photo: Channel 10

Bopping her head to the music while waving around a guitar, the mermaid could be seen crashing off the block as Christine hit the high note and it didn’t go unnoticed by eagle-eyed fans online.

“Did anyone see that mermaid chick fall off her block BAHAHA,” one person wrote, with another saying: “Looked like it f*****g hurt.”

Another person seemed a bit concerned about the mermaid, however she was seen a few minutes later back up on the block.

“Did anyone else see the mermaid on the front right fall off their podium during Goldfish’s song?!? Are they ok?? That was an amazing fall,” the commenter said.


One person replied saying:” I thought I was going crazy! It looked like it hurt.”

Sadly, despite her amazing performance, it was Christine Anu’s time to take off her Goldfish mask last night, with the judges looking visibly shocked.

Goldfish performance The Masked Singer
The mermaid fell off the giant wooden block she was sitting on. Photo: Channel 10
Christine Anu on The Masked Singer 2020
Christine Anu was unmasked on The Masked Singer. Photo: Channel 10

Urzila Carlson had Goldfish pegged as Young Talent Time performer Tina Arena, Dave Hughes placed his bet on Olympian Lauren Burns, Jackie O was leaning towards Play School presenter Justine Clarke and Dannii Minogue had an inkling it could be actress Ruby Rose.

After Christine removed her mask Dannii Minogue said: "The weirdest thing is, we guessed your name so many times last year!"

Jackie O added: "We'd given up on guessing you!"

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