The Frank Green freebie trick you never knew existed

Broken the lid of your Frank Green drink bottle? You might be entitled to a free replacement.

It seems everyone who's anyone has a Frank Green drink bottle these days. Well, one savvy shopper has revealed a little-known hack to score yourself a free Frank Green replacement lid if you happen to damage the lid on your drink bottle and people are loving it.

Posting to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page, the woman shared she "finally gave in" and purchased one for her daughter’s birthday after she was "begging" for the popular, yet rather pricey drink bottle. Retailing between $59.95 and $89.95 for a ceramic bottle with a straw lid, the products aren’t cheap, so when it broke almost immediately, she wasn't impressed.

frank green hack
The woman shared that her drink bottle lid cracked just days after purchasing it. Photo: Facebook

"The lid broke after 10 days with it just rolling off the back seat of the car onto the floor. I bit the bullet and ordered a replacement lid for her and it broke after three days after falling off a table to a carpet floor," she explained. "I vowed never to buy anymore Frank Green for my daughter and did the 'I told you so' talk."


However, after thinking about it some more she decided to email Frank Green to let them know. She was glad she did too. To her surprise, she was advised the company's customer satisfaction policy would replace both lids for free!

"I emailed Frank Green to let them know how disappointed I was with the quality of the lids and how absurd it is that they charge $60 for such a fragile not fit for everyday use bottle," she said. "Well, I just got a reply today from Frank Green saying they will replace two lids for me for free."

The broken lid next to a screen of the $0 replacement order
After contacting the company she was shocked to receive two free replacement lids. Photo: Facebook

'I never knew!'

Frank Green fans were super stoked to hear about the replacement policy, with many saying they "had no idea" it existed and sharing how grateful they were. "Thank you. We got two free lids as they had broken and hadn't thought they were covered," one person commented.

Broken Frank Green lid
Several others shared their broken drink bottle lids on her post too stating their disappointment. Photo: Facebook

"Wish I’d known this two days ago when my daughter dropped hers," another said. Meanwhile, others who'd had similar experiences said that, although it was annoying, they couldn't fault the store's customer service. "I've found their customer service wonderful," one person said. "I've had them replace a lid and a whole bottle before."

"Yeah I had the same issue and they were so swift with their reply and gave me a code for a replacement," another agreed. "Very happy with them!"


"Frank Green's customer service is amazing," echoed someone else. "They replaced my daughter’s lid as well after it cracked. I believe there's a 12-month warranty on their products."

Frank Green's policy

According to the Frank Green website, all their products indeed come with a 12-month warranty. "The lids are pretty sturdy, but not indestructible," the website states. "Please reach out to our team via email and provide the order number and a photo of your lid as you may be eligible for replacement under the 12-month warranty."

Frank green hack
Several shoppers said they were impressed with the company's replacement policy and speedy service. Photo: Facebook

Stellar service and easy replacements aside, some shoppers still weren't impressed. "Wow, I can't believe they break so easily for those prices!" one person said.

"My Frank Green lid broke on day four," another revealed. "Absolute rubbish for the price. Have had my Yeti since Christmas, sturdy and definitely bang for your buck."

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