The delicious $11.99 Aldi item perfect for a lazy dinner

When it comes to making dinner, quick and delicious is our preferred method over long and laborious.

While there is definitely a time for slowly marinating and cooking a meal, when you've had a busy week, it's wonderful to know there is a something easy that tastes great.

Luckily, TikTok influencer Emily Clair Webster has shared her simple hack for a lazy dinner with Aldi ingredients.

Screen shots from a TikTok video showing how to make pulled beef bao buns with ingredients from Aldi
Emily shows what to buy from Aldi to make this delicious dinner. Photo: TikTok/@emilyclairwebster

"Here's what to buy from Aldi if you have to make dinner and are feeling lazy," she said in her video.

"I purchased the slow-cooked pulled beef, bao buns and a kale salad.


"I cooked the beef and the buns and assembled the salad. "The whole process took less that 30 minutes.

"It was so easy and tasted delicious."

In just four days, more than 75,000 people watched the video and it had 2000 likes!

"Aldi bao buns are awesome," one wrote.

"Love this, definitely trying," another added.

So, what's a bao bun?

Bao buns are delicious Asian bread rolls that have been steamed rather than baked, resulting in a warm fluffy pillow to stuff with your favourite filling.

And it's not just on TikTok that people are going wild for the Aldi bao buns.

"Jump on the bao bun’ train ... added sweet & spicy slow cooked beef & home made coleslaw," one mum said on an Aldi group on Facebook.

"Jumped on the bao-wagon. Used some kaleslaw that I had leftover. Thank you to all those people who posted! It’s bloody amazing and will definitely be having them again!" another wrote.

"Omg, first time trying bao buns and seriously delicious. Pulled BBQ chicken and coleslaw," a third posted.

Great for kids

There is no shortage of fans or suggested fillings.

"Thank you to all you legends that recommended the bao buns and beef brisket. I cooked it tonight and wow!! Finally something else my five-year old loves! So delicious," one mum said.

One filling suggestion was: "I love to do pork belly, pickled ginger, cucumber and a bit of lettuce leaves and hoisin sauce."

With so many glowing reviews, there might be more bao in people's trolleys this week!

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