Aldi $4.99 airfryer treat people are loving: 'Insanely delicious'

Add truffle into any food item and not only does it look and smell decadent but it adds just a little something-something to the flavour of the dish too.

So it's no wonder that every time Aldi offers a dish with truffle in it, fans of the store go crazy for it!

Aldi Specially Selected Mushroom & Truffle Flavoured Potato Gratin
The Aldi Specially Selected Mushroom & Truffle Flavoured Potato Gratin flies off the shelves. Photo: Aldi

When TikTok user Emily Clair Webster reviewed Aldi's mushroom and truffle potato gratin in a video on the platform, she clearly hit a chord with fellow shoppers, with her clip getting over 1000 likes.

Emily Clair popped the potato gratin in the airfryer at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, saying "they come out so beautifully crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside".

She called them 'delicious' and said they would make a great snack or side dish.

And it wasn't just on TikTok that Aldi shoppers were singing the product's praises.


"Loved this! Tasted like an expensive side dish. Please keep these in store I want to add them to my Xmas menu," one person said on Aldi's Facebook page.

"Ohhh yes yes yes!! Finally back in store at Aldi. Picked up 4 boxes today. 6th October 2021. Thank yooooouuu!!" another added. "Still the same price as last year at $4.99!! Stock up people, whilst stocks last!!"

"I have told so many people about these," one person said on Facebook. "They are insanely delicious!!!"

aldi food supermarket
People love some of Aldi's delicious food buys. Photo: Getty

This isn't the only truffle flavoured food from Aldi that fans are raving about either. The porcini mushroom and truffle triangoli are also a hot favourite in the Aldi Mum's Facebook group as is the truffle mustard.

"Love the truffle mustard!! Amazing on toasted ham and cheese sandwiches," one mum enthused.

And although the scotch steak with mushroom and truffle butter was a special buy, people still often ask if anyone has seen them in store.

Other truffle items that Aldi stocks either regularly or for special buys are truffle brie, truffle paste and you can even spot truffles in a jar at particular times of the year (hello Christmas!).

But why is truffle flavouring so popular?

"Truffle has that umami, savoury profile you see in miso and tahini," food futurologist Morgaine Gaye told The Guardian. "It's part of this shift away from sweetness towards more exotic, savoury flavours – and it’s part of the rising interest in the health benefits of funghi."

Given the scarcity and expense of truffle it also imbibes a luxurious and decadent element to any meal making it perfect for a dinner party or date night.

And thankfully Aldi knows just what to produce to make sure that those special meals are just that little bit easier to make for busy Aussie mums!

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