The Crown: Palace fuming over 'very insensitive' new season

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It’s been one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows for the past couple of years but according to palace insiders, the royal family is furious over the new season of The Crown.

While past seasons have reportedly irked the monarchy, season four of the drama series has left them livid over its depiction of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana depicted on The Crown
Season four of The Crown was released over the weekend. Photo: Netflix

The new season, which dropped on Netflix over the weekend, documents a series of events from 1979 up until 1990, however, royal insiders have slammed the show for having “no regard to the actual people involved who are having their lives hijacked and exploited,”

“In this case, it's dragging up things that happened during very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without a thought for anyone's feelings. That isn't right or fair, particularly when so many of the things being depicted don't represent the truth” a palace source told the Mail on Sunday.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day
The new season of The Crown delves into Charles and Diana's controversial marriage. Photo: Getty Images

“This is trolling with a Hollywood budget.”

The insider went on to say that the events of the past between Princess Diana and the royal family are “still raw” and slammed it as being “very insensitive”.

Season four of The Crown delves into Charles and Diana’s marriage, Charles’ affair with Camilla and Princess Diana’s battle with an eating disorder.

Princess Diana in The Crown
The palace are reportedly furious over the depiction of events as fact. Photo: Netflix

The Crown has reportedly previously left the palace fuming after featuring eyebrow-raising scenes and presenting them as fact.

In the second series, the Queen is believed to have been livid over the show’s scenes of Prince Philip having an affair with a ballerina and again in the third season, Prince Philip’s strained relationship with his mother, Princess Alice.

Peter Morgan, the creator and write of The Crown, previously said he wanted to maintain a 20-year rule when it came to subject matter for The Crown, helping the show to retain perspective and metaphor.

Prince Charles and Princess. Diana on The Crown season four
The new season of The Crown also shows Prince Charles' affair with Camila and Diana's battle with an eating disorder. Photo: Netflix

The fifth and sixth instalments of the show will bring the story into the 21st century, but without the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or the Duke of York.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “I just think you get so much more interesting (with time).

“Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey, and I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end.

“One wishes some happiness, but I’m much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago.

“I sort of have in my head a 20-year rule. That is enough time and enough distance to really understand something, to understand its role, to understand its position, to understand its relevance.

“Often things that appear absolutely wildly important today are instantly forgotten, and other things have a habit of sticking around and proving to be historically very relevant and long-lasting.”

He added that it’s not known now “where in the scheme of things Prince Andrew or indeed Meghan Markle or Harry will ever appear”.

With extra reporting by Rebecca Taylor

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