Westeros' biggest twist was seriously foreshadowed

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re aware that Game of Thrones fans are not ok this morning, after the most shattering twist in the series’ run played out last night.

WARNING: Spoilers (and heartbreak) ahead

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Daenerys attacking Kings landing in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5
Photo: HBO

So Daenerys did a Mad King and pretty much lost the plot, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians last night.

When the attack on King’s Landing resulted in surrender, we all expected Dany to jump off her dragon and walk through the streets like she did in Mereen:

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) frees the city of Mereen in Game of Thrones season 4
Dany liberated the city of Mereen. Photo: HBO

Instead she went for a BBQ over a dinner party, choosing to set the city alight:

Daenerys destroys King's Landing in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5
She destroyed the city of King's Landing. Photo: HBO

Now beyond the fact that madness is something of a family curse, there were actually dozens of clues that Dany was headed for a fiery showdown, and we’re rounding up the most glaringly obvious.

The vision of the throne

Daenerys had a vision of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones season 2
That isn't snow... Photo: HBO

Much has been made of a dream sequence Daenerys had way back in season two.

In the infamous scene, Dany walks through a destroyed throne room while snow falls around her, in what many took to be a vision of the Night King’s army reaching King’s Landing.

Turns out it wasn’t the dead that destroyed the throne, and that ain’t snow.

This was a foreshadowing of Dany literally burning the city to the ground, and those white specks falling? That’s ash.

It was foreshadowed in the opening credits all along

So it turns out the opening credits have held this secret all along, but you would need a magnifying glass to have spotted it.

This is some serious foreshadowing, even for this season which has pretty much been an extended callback.

Her most famous lines paved the way

Daenerys searches for her dragon in Game of Thrones season 2
Photo: HBO

Twitter users were quick to point out that Dany was pretty explicit about her willingness to get destructive all along.

There were dozens of examples of times the Mother of Dragons promised a pretty grim time for Westeros, not to mention she hasn’t got the cleanest track record.

Remember when her hubby poured molten gold on her brother’s head, and she was like ‘meh, he wasn’t that great anyway’, or when she roasted Sam’s family?

Yep, as show-runner David Benioff said in Behind the Episode there has always been a ‘chilling’ side to Dany.

Missandei’s dying wish

Episode four ended with the brutal beheading of Cersei’s right-hand woman Missandei, who chose Dany’s famous command ‘dracarys’ as her last words.

Now we realise Missandei was foretelling, or demanding, depending on how you look at it, the total destruction of the city that put her back in chains.

Her last words to Jon

Dany and Jon in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2
Dany's final words to Jon foretold the destruction. Photo: HBO

In their last scene before the battle, Dany tries to rekindle her romance with Jon, who is finding the whole incest thing a little harder to swallow than she is.

She tells Jon that she doesn’t have the love of Westeros’ people, only fear, and when Jon rejects her advances she speaks these chilling words: “Fine, fear it is.”

With the ensuing destruction, it’s hard to ignore these words as an indicator that Dany had already decided to lay waste to a people she believed would never love her.

Once again Game of Thrones has kept us on our toes, proving that only the sharpest-eyed fans can predict what is coming next.

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