The Christmas garland hack taking over TikTok: 'This is amazing'

Copy this ingenious idea for easily hanging decorations without damaging your walls!

There is a genius festive garland hanging hack that has gone viral this year for allowing you to create and hang a magazine-worthy Christmas decoration this festive season.

Whether it's TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, influencers are showing how using a tension shower curtain rod to hang your festive garland gives a sophisticated yet damage-free result in any doorway, window or alcove.

One of the first TikTok users to demonstrate the trend is US blogger Wendy of Kwendy Home.

Stills of Wendy from the KWendy Home sharing the viral Christmas garland hack
Wendy from the KWendy Home was one of the first bloggers to share the Christmas garland hack on TikTok this year. Photo: @thekwendyhome

"Here’s a Christmas decorating hack for you! Damage free garland hanging with a shower curtain rod!," she explained.

"I took the shower curtain from our guest bathroom and tested this out for myself. It has held up really well! I even put my heavy Norfolk pine garlands on and it didn’t budge.

"This is perfect for renters and those who don’t want to put nails in their walls. And an added bonus is that you don’t get a crick in your neck or get tired arms from decorating. Now go forth and deck those halls," she added.

And fellow Christmas lovers were all over this hack with the video already being viewed almost 14 million times!

"THIS IS SO APARTMENT AND CAT FRIENDLY 😭 you just saved my holiday season!!" one person commented.


"This is amazing. I’m angry thinking about every Christmas I tried to hang mine and make it even when there was a much easier way to do it," another wrote.

"You should win an award for this," a third added.

And Wendy isn't the only crafter and influencer who is trying out and sharing this hack!

Allyson Hovious' TikTok showing her version of the hack has been watched 18 million times in three weeks with many other content creators who also tried out this trick racking up views into the millions.

still from Ally Hovious' TikTok video of the Christmas garland shower curtain hack
Ally Hovious' video of the hack has already racked up 18 million views in just over two weeks! Photo: TikTik/@allyhovious

"SAVE this easy idea!! I mean how smart? SO Pretty too!!! I love how it looks in our dining room!!!" popular crafter Shannon L Doherty wrote on her video of the hack.

"Today, I’ve got a holiday decor trick that’ll make you say, 'Why didn’t I think of that before?' Get ready for “The Ultimate Garland Hanging Hack: Try This Curtain Rod Trick!” It’s a game-changer, and I can’t wait for you to try it out," Brendt Blanks from She Gave It A Go blog said.

To try it yourself you will need a tension shower curtain rod, two or more garlands, decorations and baubles, fairy lights and perhaps some zip ties or wire to secure the lights and garland to the rod.

Initially, set up the rod at waist to chest height so you can easily wrap the garland and lights around the rod and add any other decorations that you like. When you are happy with the result, get a step ladder and raise the curtain rod to the height you want.

Three examples of the viral Christmas garland hack.
Take inspiration from others online who have tried out the viral Christmas garland hack with spectacular results. Photo: TikTok/@thekwendyhome / @shegaveitago & Instagram/@stephaniehannablog

A word of warning though, you have to make sure you tighten the rod as hard as you can or it may fall to the ground as many of the online decorators discovered themselves when they first tried out the hack but all agreed that once you got the hang of it, it was worth it in the end.

Doing garlands this way, you'll never struggle with decking the halls again!

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