Genius Kmart Christmas hacks for stylish festive decor

Mums share their cheap and cheerful DIY ideas to bring an expensive look into your home this Christmas

Not everybody wants a traditional Christmas tree, so when one Facebook user shared her genius hack to create a unique tree in a Kmart Home Decor group, others loved the idea.

The mum and grandma from Melbourne simply used a ladder and handmade ornaments for the Scandinavian-inspired tree.

"I wanted a change from the traditional tree," she wrote in her post.

"I hand-made all of the ornaments with macrame rope and wooden beads from Kmart, I purchased the baubles a couple years ago, the ladder I bought from Mitre 10, they are all attached just randomly with fishing line.

And the result was stunning.

A Christmas Tree made out of a ladder and home-made ornaments hung with fishing wire.
This stunning take on the Christmas Tree brings Scandi style into any home. Photo: Facebook

"I’m so going to do that! Thanks for the idea," one group member wrote. "Looks amazing. Get the ladders and we will do it," another added.

"Fabulous idea, love it, you are very clever," a third commented.


And that wasn't the only clever hack being shared in the group to help bring a stylish Christmas look into homes.

Another group member shared how she'd combined two $5 tinsel Christmas trees from Kmart with some oversized bells from her local dollar store to create an inviting garland to hang outside her home.

an outdoor Christmas garland made from two $5 Kmart tinsel trees and dollar store bells!
It's hard to believe this outdoor garland is made from two $5 Kmart tinsel trees and dollar store bells! Photo: Facebook

"Such a clever idea, and it looks amazing!"

And not having a fireplace shouldn't hold you back when Christmas is around the corner, as one member showed by creating a DIY fake fireplace from a bookshelf.


The fire itself captured some people's attention, with the OP revealing: "I just used firewood and some cheap lights from Kmart," pointing out that the battery-operated lights were $5 Christmas novelty string lights.

A fake fireplace made from a bookcase and a over door bauble garland
Two mums shared their ideas for a fake fireplace ready for Santa and a stunning over-door garland to welcome people into the dining room. Photo: Facebook

A final idea that brought Christmas spirit into the home and impressed fellow group members was a door frame garland that really made an impact.

Made from Kmart baubles and light-up garland, many were amazed at how good it looked.

"Absolutely gorgeous!," one person commented. "I don’t know where you guys all find the time for these amazing things! I’d love something this for between my kitchen/lounge area, but no idea where I’d find the time to make it!"

Thanks for the inspiration," another wrote. "Having a puppy this year means everything needs to be up high, and this sort of thing would be perfect"

It shows that you can create a beautiful festive home this year with a bit of imagination (not necessarily your own!) and a quick trip to Kmart.

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