The Challenge week one recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

😃 The Good: Surprising friendships

😔 The Bad: MAFS star fires off

😥 The Ugly: Wild cheating scandal

Only one week into The Challenge and there have already been plenty of screaming matches, fiery feuds and a dramatic cheating scandal.

Channel Ten’s brand new show pits 22 of Australia’s biggest reality stars, sporting legends and media personalities against one another as they live in a house and compete in challenges to win $200,000.

Surprising friendships

While a number of contestants have pre-existing connections from other reality shows - including Brooke Blurton and Brittany Hockley who appeared on the same season of The Bachelor and Ciarran Stott, Jessica Brody and Kiki Morris who had a love triangle on Bachelor In Paradise - The Challenge has helped establish brand new friendships.

Love Island star Audrey Kanongara, who didn’t know any of her competitors prior to filming, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the new friendships were the best part of her experience.

“There are so many more scenes that didn’t make it to air where we were all just having massive laughs, giggling and gossiping,” she shares. “I made some amazing friends on the show and it was an experience that I will keep forever.”

Jack Vidgen adds that “meeting everyone was fabulous”, while influencer Suzan Mutesi shares that she was pleasantly surprised when she first met the other cast members.

“Brooke [Blurton] really surprised me, she’s quite lovely,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I loved her, and I loved getting to know people. Cyrell [Paule] surprised me too, but she met my expectations and she stayed true to Cyrell.”

The Challenge cast partying.
‘There are so many more scenes that didn’t make it to air where we were all just having massive laughs, giggling and gossiping.’ Photos: Channel Ten


MAFS star fires off

Although some people immediately clicked upon meeting, it didn’t take long for others to clash. The first disagreement of the season took place when Cyrell tried to steal Audrey’s bed, despite the fact she had already claimed it, and screamed at her.

“Shove the f**king bed up your a** then,” the former MAFS bride shouted.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the incident, Audrey says she wasn’t going to back down because she knew she was in the right.

“She fired off and I was like, I don’t know who you think I am but I’m not going to take your crap. I’m not going to back down,” she details. “If you're going to give me that energy, I'm going to give you that same energy back so you know how it feels. I feel like that's the fairest thing anybody can do.”

Later in the episode, Cyrell also fired up at Love Island star Grant Crapp and called him a “snake” after he went against her in the challenge despite being close friends with her partner Eden Dally in the real world.

“Cyrell, it’s a f**king game,” Grant replied.

The Challenge's Cyrell and Audrey.
Cyrell and Audrey had an argument within the first few minutes of episode one. Photos: Channel Ten


Sad fallout from cheating scandal

Shortly after Ciarran told viewers that he was not the “sleaze” he used to be and he had changed his ways since Bachelor In Paradise, he was filmed cheating on his girlfriend with Audrey.

The pair were shown sharing a shower together late at night after partying with the rest of the cast, with the 28-year-old admitting to the rendezvous in a confessional.

“Audrey and I fooled around in the shower and then both thought, ‘What are we doing?’,” he said. “I’ve got my partner back home. I am really sorry for what I’ve done. Hopefully, you don’t leave me and we stay together. I’m sorry.”

Ciarran’s girlfriend Ruby Burciaga spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle following the incident and confirmed that they are still together and they are currently working on themselves and their relationship.


“To be honest I didn’t watch last night's episode, although, I was fully aware of what was going to happen,” she said. “Ciarran and I are in a good place though, I’ve had a few months to heal and this is just another hurdle which we will undoubtedly get through.”

Audrey also shared an insight into her relationship with her partner of one year, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that they’re “trying to work through things” after she confessed to cheating.

“We’re both very young, we’re both 22, so it's definitely a difficult thing to navigate,” she says. “But we're taking the time to try and see if we can work. And you know what, if it doesn't work out then it doesn’t work out, whatever. I’m young, he’s young, and I'm sure there are millions of other people that will walk into our lives.”

The Challenge's Ciarran and Ruby.
Ciarran’s girlfriend Ruby said they are still together and are currently working on their relationship. Photo: Instagram/rubyburciaga


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