The Block's Scott Cam slammed over 'disappointing' move: 'Not impressed'

Viewers described Scott's behaviour as 'petty and pathetic'.

The Block fans have called out the show’s host Scott Cam for engaging in a “gossip session” with two of the contestants during Monday night’s episode.

After winning last week’s room reveal, Leah and Ash enjoyed a private meeting with Scott in the small country town of Kyneton where they could ask him any questions they had about the show and receive advice.

The Block's Scott Cam laughing with Leah in a pub.
The Block fans criticised Scott Cam for having a ‘gossip session’ with Leah and Ash. Photos: Channel Nine

However, viewers were shocked that Scott was instead shown prodding the couple to share their thoughts on the other teams.

“Now, the last couple of dinners I’ve had Steph and Gian have been with me,” he began. “Wow, confidence!”


Scott’s comment prompted Leah, who has repeatedly butted heads with Steph throughout the competition, to joke that Steph is “confident in absolutely everyone’s style”.

“Really? Tell me more!” Scott remarked.

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“Oh look, I think she sort of has given me some advice,” Leah replied, which left Scott shocked. “I haven’t asked for it.”

“She’s an acquired taste, Steph,” Ash added. “She’s like a s**tty cocktail.”

Leah continued: “This is the thing. We’re in a rabbit hole, you’ve got five strange couples - and I don’t mean strangers, I just mean strange - and we’re all living together. You can’t all be best friends.”

Scott clearly enjoyed hearing Leah’s thoughts on Steph and the other teams as he laughed along to her commentary.

“This is fantastic, I love the goss,” he said. “And what happens at the Scotty dinner stays at the Scotty dinner.”

The Block's Scott Cam looking in the camera.
‘What happens at the Scotty dinner stays at the Scotty dinner.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'Petty and pathetic'

Viewers took to social media following the conversation to say they were both “shocked” and “disappointed” that Scott had encouraged such negativity.

“Scotty loves to stir the pot and create drama. It's an ugly side of his personality,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “l wasn’t impressed with his comments tonight. Really did himself no favours”.

“Made me so angry watching them drink and have a b***h fest! I thought he had more integrity than that!” a third replied. “At first he looked a little shocked and displeased but then got into the BS.”

“I was actually embarrassed for him! He sounded petty and pathetic,” someone else said, while a different user remarked, “I thought it was interesting that that couple spent their time b***hing rather than talking shop. You don’t often get Scotty to yourself and love or hate him he has Block experience!”


Meanwhile, others said they thought Scott’s behaviour was “hilarious” and pointed out that he would’ve just been trying to make the show more entertaining.

“He reeled them in and they took the bait,” one fan shared.

“Everyone on the show is there to make it as dramatic as possible so the public watch it or else it would be boring,” another commented. “People need to separate TV from reality. Be nice all it’s not hard.”

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