The Block's Omar and Oz reveal 'biggest gamble' during finale

The Block's Omar and Oz appeared on the red carpet for Russell Crowe's new Stan film Poker Face and revealed the 'biggest gamble' they took in the show's finale, where they broke records for the sale of their four-bedroom, 10-acre property for $5,666,666.66.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Omar shared, "The biggest gamble we've ever taken... probably going first on the auction order – it's not one that we took, but we got put in that position and we didn't know how it was going to end up!"

The Block's Omar and Oz
The Block's Omar and Oz have revealed their 'biggest gamble' from their record-breaking finale. Photo: Nine

Oz quickly jumped in and shared his own gamble, jokingly adding, "Choosing Omar to be my partner!"

He continued, "Nah, I'm joking, I'm joking! I'm always mucking around!"

Following rumours Sarah-Jane and Tom will return to the show in an All-Stars season, Omar and Oz said they'd also be keen to return.

"Yeah, absolutely, I would love to go back on The Block," Omar said. "We had a ball the whole way through it, all the way up until the auction result. I reckon we've got so much more to show."


"Would it still be called All Stars if we broke history?" Oz jokingly questioned. "Scotty Cam, come up with a new title, mate!"

Omar added it is "definitely the plan" to break more records on the show, saying, "We'll definitely be keen!"

It comes following claims the boys 'rigged' their auction in the finale after taking home a whopping $1,686,666.66 in prize money following the sale of their property.

The auction saw a tense bidding war between Adrian Portelli AKA Mr Lambo, a businessman and friend of Omar and Oz, and eventual buyer Danny Wallis, an entrepreneur who has purchased multiple Block properties in the past.

Social media users were quick to share baseless conspiracy theories online accusing the Western Sydney mates of rigging the auction by using their friend Adrian to drive up the price.

However, Omar and Oz spoke with Fitzy & Wippa about the rumours on Monday and said that they "couldn’t be further from the truth".

"We reached out to everyone that Oz and I knew, we asked so many people to come through and see the house," Omar explained. "We actually reached out to a mutual friend and they kind of suggested that he might be interested and he wanted to come have a look at the house. And when he did come, he absolutely loved it."

The Block contestants
Following rumours Sarah-Jane and Tom will return to the show in an All-Stars season, Omar and Oz said they'd also be keen to return. Photo: Nine

The pair went on to say that they are "very grateful" for the way things turned out and it was an "awesome feeling" having so many people bid on their rural home.

"At the end of the day, [Adrian] bid $4.5 million," Omar said. "We had no idea Danny Wallace was going to bid for our house. If Danny doesn't show up, [Adrian] buys the house for $4.5 million and me and Oz walk away with $420,000.


"We had another buyer Frank, he was willing to push it up to $4.8 million. But obviously, when Danny came in, everyone gets out of the race after that."

Adrian proved that he was a genuine buyer after purchasing Sharon and Ankur's five-bedroom property for $4.25million after they failed to sell at auction, revealing he plans to give the home away for free.

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