The Block 'villain' reveals she's spent 'thousands' on therapy since the show

Tanya Guccione has slammed the Channel Nine series for failing in its duty of care to contestants.

Two years after being described as “the most-hated woman on Australian TV”, The Block's Tanya Guccione has opened up about how her experience on the renovation series impacted her life.

The 41-year-old told Woman's Day she’s spent “thousands” on therapy since appearing on the reality show in 2021 alongside her husband Vito.

The Block’s Tanya Guccione crying.
The Block’s Tanya Guccione has opened up about how the show impacted her life. Photo: Channel Nine

“I have the invoices to prove [my therapy costs],” she said.

Tanya, who copped backlash after taking a sneaky photo of the production schedule during filming, believes the show failed in its duty of care to contestants.

“There was no support. No counselling,” she detailed. “Vito was down on the floor crying, saying he couldn't do it any more, and nothing.”


She added that there was no response from Channel Nine when she began receiving death threats both online and via letters set to Vito’s work.

“The show has a responsibility to take care of their talent, that are making them hundreds of thousands of dollars,” she continued. “And I'm not talking about a pay cheque! But real care... care that matters.”

When contacted for comment, a Nine spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Nine takes its obligations in respect to the health and wellbeing of the participants of this program extremely seriously.

“All participants have access to a check-in support service during filming and when the show is on-air. Nine also have an additional service for participants should they like or need further individual and confidential psychological support. This service gives participants access to clinicians who have been specifically engaged to support those involved in the program in relation to their experiences. This service is available to all participants for as long as they need it, it does not end.”

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'Own your behaviour'

Elsewhere in the interview, Tanya revealed that she had been in contact with this year’s contestant Leah Milton, who has received similar backlash on social media.

“I told her not to make the same mistake I did and own your behaviour,” she shared.

“I also told her to communicate [with her co-stars] without cameras and without microphones. If there is a rift going on, get on the phone and chat with each other.”

The Block’s Leah and Ash.
Tanya says she has been in contact with this year's contestant Leah (left). Photo: Channel Nine

This comes shortly after Leah told 9Entertainment that there are moments from her time on the show that she is “definitely not proud of”.

“I think I was just in a whirlwind at the beginning, trying to find my feet in here and my emotions were spiralling out of control,” she said.


She also admitted that she's “a little embarrassed or disappointed” in herself that she was so “naïve”, and said it was “hard” to be taken away from their reality back home.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

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