The Block landscaper calls radio show to complain about 'horrible' experience

'This is worst case scenario that we got dealt.'

One of the landscapers from this year’s season of The Block has gone rogue and spoken out about his “horrible” experience on the reality show after butting heads with two contestants.

Sunday night’s episode saw Kristy and Brett come to blows with their landscaper Dan after experiencing a number of setbacks working on their backyard, including when he forgot to order plants and had two tonnes of unwashed pebbles delivered.

The Block’s Kristy arguing with her landscaper Dan.
The Block’s Kristy had a fiery confrontation with their landscaper Dan during Sunday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

The couple had sought advice from their other contractors and rival landscapers which led to a heated confrontation.

“Why am I even here?” Dan asked Kristy, to which she responded, “I’m thinking the exact same thing at this point.

“We’re not compliant, we’re not signing off on compliancy, we’re getting all of our chippy’s trades here because you don’t have enough guys, the whole design has been redesigned by our chippies, we’re having Nine in Six [builders] having to come in and help us and assist.

“We’re on a Saturday and we’re not going to finish at this point in time,” she continued. “You promise us the world and then don’t deliver on it.”


Following the episode, Dan called into The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick on Monday morning to say he was “disappointed” by how things turned out with Kristy and Brett.

“They’re very much players of the game and they've made that very clear that they like to play the game,” he remarked. “I think what happened in landscape week was they saw an opportunity to throw me under the bus to get their relationship with them and their builders back on track.

“This is worst case scenario that we got dealt, and credit to the boys (his team) to actually finish that backyard and get it done because it was horrible.”

The Block’s Brett and Kristy arguing with their landscaper Dan.
Dan says he had a ‘horrible’ experience working on Kristy and Brett’s backyard. Photo: Channel Nine

'Not fair'

Dan went on to point out that most of the judges’ negative critiques during Sunday night’s episode were about the finishing touches in Kristy and Brett’s backyard.

“They have two and a half hours on the Sunday morning to go around and clean glass pool fencing and bits and pieces like that, and they just didn’t,” he said.

“Those small little bits and pieces are what the judges look for and they just weren’t there. And I think for me, that’s what I was disappointed about. The boys put a lot of work in, got it over the line, and just the small little finishes weren’t there. But they’re obviously not going to put that on TV.”


He also said he doesn’t “hate” the controversial couple, but would never appear on The Block again.

“For me, this is my livelihood, you know what I mean? So you want to twist things and turn things, all that sort of stuff? This is my business,” he shared.

“This is not only negative publicity for me but for my subcontractors as well, so it’s a lose-lose and I don’t know if they realise that or if they care, but that’s not fair.”

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