The Block's Leah lashes out after devastating news: 'Never felt so alone'

While Leah may have thought a family tragedy may have united the teams, that's far from what happened.

As tensions continue to rise on The Block, House 2’s Leah has spoken out about the ‘heartbreaking’ way she and husband Ash finished on the show.

According to TV WEEK, this week on the show, viewers will be shown the devastating moment Leah and Ash find out their beloved family dog, Ollie, has passed away.

But while Leah may have thought ongoing feuds would be put aside due to the news, she claims it’s the last thing that happened.

Leah and Ash on The Block
Leah has spoken out about an upcoming episode of the show where her dog dies. Photo: Channel 9

"I thought everyone would be the bigger person and rally around us, but they didn't,” she said. “I've never felt more alone”.

After Leah and Ash questioned House 1’s Leslie and Kyle last week over their budget, Leah claims everyone “turned on her”.

"Steph and Gian bought the gnome – and that's a totally fine gameplay – but hiding it from us? That's dirty,” she said.

"We felt betrayed by every single contestant, especially the girls [sisters Eliza and Liberty]," Leah declares. "It was a really heartbreaking and disappointing way to finish The Block."


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Leslie's revenge act

It comes after Leslie was left furious that Leah and Ash were questioning her integrity when they asked for an audit of her backyard and pool area.

She got her revenge by going back on their deal to trade her Camerich Bucks for Leah's Freedom Bucks, leaving Leah without her backyard daybed, until Scott Cam stepped in with $5,000 to save the day.

The Block 2023 cast
The teams are finishing off their houses this week and are set to go to auction soon. Photo: Channel Nine

“People aren’t nice so sometimes you go, you know what? You don’t deserve it,” she remarked in her piece-to-camera interview.

Fans were divided over Leslie's act, with one person commenting: “I’m sorry that makes Leslie as bad as Leah and Kristy!” someone else remarked, followed by a different user who replied, “Leslie has just sunk to their level or maybe she was always there just better at hiding it”.

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