The Block stars disqualified over detail in room reveal

The Block stars Omar and Oz have been disqualified from the latest round of room reveals after they broke a major rule.

Unveiling their stunning living room in Sunday's room reveal, judges were in awe, with Shaynna Blaze praising the friends for their sense of "grandeur" and "elegance".

However, one detail in the reveal did raise eyebrows, with a baby grand piano that retails for more than $30,000 in the corner of the room, with Shaynna questioning how they could afford it.

“Do you remember last week I was saying in the kitchen, I was a bit worried about where they’re getting the money from? And now we’ve got a baby grand … they’re not winning every week,” she said.

The baby grand in Omar and Oz's room reveal.
Omar and Oz were disqualified for paying only $7500 for the baby grand. Source: Channel Nine

Host Scott Cam then probed the team about how they managed to get their hands on the baby grand.

The team announced they paid just $7500 for it, cluing in the host to the fact they had broken the rule with their impressive discount.

"That's impossible, they retail for $36,000," Scott said.

"Call John," Omar laughed, which left Scott fuming.

"No, I'm not calling John ... Can anyone tell me what the rule on The Block is, I think it's rule number three," Scott said.


All contestants chimed in saying "50 per cent of the retail price".

"The retail price of the piano is $36,000, is it not? You said that in an interview twice this week," Scott said.

"50 per cent of retail cost is $18,000 boys.

“You can’t go and spend $7000 on a piano and stick that in your room and expect me to let that slide boys,” he said.

Scott Cam looks angry during an episode of The Block.
Scott Cam was fuming after the boys broke the rules. Source: Channel Nine

Omar said they could throw the extra $10,000 in but it was a plea too late for Scott who said he was disqualifying them from winning the room reveal.

He also deducted three points from the judges' scores which could impact their standing on the leaderboard.

He asked the other contestants if the punishment was fair, to which they all said he was doing the right thing.

The Block's Omar and Oz looking upset.
Omar and Oz copped a harsh penalty for breaking the rules. Source: Channel Nine

“It’s probably just one of those things we should have been more aware of,” Omar later told producers.

Oz however was clearly frustrated by the decision, claiming there was an explanation and the seller had been struggling to find a buyer for the piano and wanted to sell it to them at that price.

He also told producers those who knew they were purchasing the baby grand should have told them it was against the rules.

It's gearing up to be a dramatic week on The Block, with other contestants claiming there should be a financial audit as everyone should be held accountable.

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