The Block: Read the leaked letter from Channel Nine ahead of auctions

The network contacted residents last week about the upcoming shoot day.

A private letter sent from Channel Nine to Charming Street residents containing details about the upcoming auctions on The Block has leaked online.

The letter, which has since been shared to a popular Facebook group for the reality show, was sent on October 27 and gave residents one week’s notice that the final day of filming would take place on Saturday, November 4.

The Block 2023 cast.
Local residents have been contacted by Channel Nine about the upcoming auction on The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

It states that there will be three large trucks on the street from Friday, as well as drone-operated cameras capturing footage on Saturday.

“This is not a public event and only registered bidders and contestants' families will attend the auctions,” the letter reads.

“Once the auctions begin there will be no one in the street and nothing to see. All of the filming will take place inside the houses, apart from a brief walk the contestants make from one house to another.”


Nine stressed that they will try their best to minimise disruption by using traffic controllers who “will assist you with access to your houses”, and thanked locals for their cooperation.

“It is a really good time to say THANK YOU - for having us in your street and for your patience throughout production and the pre-auction period,” the letter continues.

“We hope you feel as we do, that this part of Charming St is really something.”

Channel Nine's letter to residents about The Block auction/
Nine’s letter let residents know there may be disruptions on Friday and Saturday as they film the final episode of the reality show. Photo: Facebook

'Are they for real?'

After the letter was posted on social media, fans of the renovation series took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Ohhhh, you’ll be able to see the contestants walking out of their auction. You’ll have to let us know who has a pep in their step,” one person remarked.

“A drone? Best not to be doing any nude sun-baking in your yard that day,” another added, followed by a third who pointed out, “Love how it states ‘little inconvenience’ to any residents. Are they for real? So, the bidders are going to magically appear and not drive?”.

Meanwhile, a number of people were surprised Channel Nine hadn’t offered any gift or form of compensation for the disruptions caused.

“Geez, should be accompanied with a huge hamper and maybe some vouchers to use at their sponsors,” one fan wrote, while someone else said, “I would have thought at the very least they should have put on a BBQ for the residents!”.

"Local residents should have been invited [to the auction] as a thank you,” a third suggested.


“I’m still surprised that Channel Nine don’t give all of the direct neighbours a really nice gift basket or similar, just to show some appreciation of the impact and nuisance the whole process has caused,” a different user replied. “Hopefully you and your neighbours will have your street back to normality soon!”

While the final episode of The Block is being filmed on Saturday, it will air on Channel Nine on Sunday evening.

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