The Block fans left fuming over surprise front yard winners: 'Literally impossible'

Some viewers believed another team was more deserving of the win.

The Block’s Leah and Ash received enormous praise from the judges during Sunday night’s episode for their impressive front garden and facade, complete with a turntable driveway, 3D-printed fence and goldfish-filled water feature.

The couple’s strategy to save their gnome until the final week of the competition paid off as they received an enormous 38 points and walked away with the coveted $80,000 Ford Mustang.

The Block’s Leah and Ash in their front yard.
The Block’s Leah and Ash won Sunday night’s room reveal with 38 points. Photo: Channel Nine

However, fans on social media were divided by the judges’ decision to award Leah and Ash the car as they believed another team had presented a more impressive front yard.

Some people argued that Steph and Gian, who came second with 37.5 points despite also playing a gnome, should’ve won with their “show-stopping” garden.

“It's a great yard don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. But Steph and Gian’s was by far the best,” one person wrote.


“Beyond disappointed that House 4 didn’t win,” another added, while a third said, “I believe House 4 were robbed this week”.

“Steph and Gian’s front yard was absolutely stunning and by far the winner. Auction day should sort it all out!” someone else shared.

“The fact that Steph and Gian didn’t win is literally impossible! That house’s entrance is remarkable and stand-alone! They obviously were winners,” a different user replied.

The Block’s Steph and Gian in their front yard.
Some fans believed Steph and Gian had a more ‘impressive’ front yard and deserved to win. Photo: Channel Nine


Some people even called for the reality show to cast a new set of judges, with one person complaining that “this whole season has been plagued with awful judging scores by all judges”.

“Please please please get a new panel of judges whose comments reflect their scores. These judges are way past their use-by date,” one viewer commented.

“They need new judges and the judges need to walk through on their own and judge it the way they see it. I feel they feed off each other’s comments and therefore are not very consistent with comments and scores,” another remarked.

“The judges are so ridiculous. I will never watch this show again,” someone else declared, while another viewer said, “My bet is the judges are instructed by the producers on who wins”.

Meanwhile, plenty of people agreed with the judges and were glad Leah and Ash had won, especially after the other teams went behind their backs and strategised against them with the resold gnome.

“So happy for these guys. They stepped out of their comfort zone and did some really amazing spaces. Loved that they won the car,” one fan shared.


“Definitely deserve this win love these two,” a different user added, with someone else commenting, “I’m so glad you won with people playing sly like that! Design was 100% deserving of the win. Amazing job”.

“Love that Ash and Leah won, shoved it up the slyness going on behind their backs,” another said.

The couple also shared a post on Instagram about their win shortly after the episode, writing: “We have held our heads high, played fair, supported each other, worked hard and lived an incredible experience with integrity and honesty. We did it our way in our own unique style. We came in together and we’re leaving together… in a Mustang.”

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