The Block's Leah reveals how she knew all about the gnome sale in unseen video

Leah and Ash weren't left blindsided by the selling of the gnome on The Block.

It was one of the most awkward moments in the whole season of The Block this year, as Leah and Ash appeared to be the only couple who didn't know about the secret gnome sale while everyone lined up for their room reveal results.

But now Leah has revealed that she actually had a hunch about the secret shenanigans going on behind their backs because she had a premonition about it the night before the judging.

In a 9Entertainment video, an animated Leah says that she wasn't blindsided by the moment because in the back of her mind, she knew what was really going on.

Leah and Ash on The Block
The Block's Leah claims she had a premonition about the gnome being sold. Photo: Channel Nine
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"Late last night at like 1 o'clock in the morning, I said to Ash..," she said.

Ash continued: " It was just out of nowhere, and she was like 'They've bought the gnome'.

"And I thought 'No way, Kyle and Leslie wouldn't sell it."


Leah said when Steph and Gian put their hand up to use their gnome, she and Ash thought 'it was all over' for them.

Leah and Ash ended up winning the $80,000 Ford Mustang by the skin of their teeth, with a score of 38, while Steph and Gian came in second place with 37 ½.

House 2's Steph and Gian claimed they were simply 'trying to help friends out' by buying the gnome and that it was a 'win-win for everyone'.

Steph and Gian on The Block
Steph and Gian bought the gnome from Kyle and Leslie. Photo: Channel Nine
Kyle and Leslie on The Block
Kyle and Leslie decided not to tell Leah and Ash about their sale. Photo: Channel Nine

The judges loved everything about House 2's garden and facade, from their choice of colours, to the turntable driveway, 3D-printed fence and incredible staircase.

However, fans online were left gobsmacked that they took home the win over House 4's Steph and Gian, claiming the judges' scores didn't reflect their feedback.

“It's a great yard don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. But Steph and Gian’s was by far the best,” one person wrote.

“Beyond disappointed that House 4 didn’t win,” another added, while a third said, “I believe House 4 were robbed this week”.

“Steph and Gian’s front yard was absolutely stunning and by far the winner. Auction day should sort it all out!” someone else shared.

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