The Block's Eliza and Liberty team up with cancer survivor for a good cause

The much-loved Block sisters from House 5 featured the now famous 'Bee Brave' artwork in their kids' bedroom.

They’re just days away from their house going up for auction on The Block but that hasn’t stopped House 5’s Eliza and Liberty from teaming up for a good cause.

Fans of the show saw a touching moment on the series this year when the judges spotted an artwork from 10-year-old cancer survivor Novalie in Eliza and Liberty’s kids’ bedroom.

The artwork sported the words ‘Bee Brave’, alongside an adorable image of a bee and three love hearts.

Eliza and Liberty on The Block 2023
Eliza and Liberty have teamed up for a good cause. Photo: Channel 9

Now, sponsor of The Block, Grafico, has teamed up with Novalie to sell 100 limited edition prints of the artwork, with 100% of the proceeds going to Abbey Solo Foundation - a charity that assists families living with childhood cancer with support that helps reduces financial and wellbeing stress.

Each print will be individually numbered, signed by Novalie and cost $49.95.


In a video posted to Instagram, Eliza says 'hurry up, there's not many', with Liberty adding: 'It's for a good cause. It's helping to support families that are dealing with childhood cancer, so really important cause'.

Novalie’s cancer journey

Novalie was just five years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Both Novalie and her family's lives were turned upside down when she received her diagnosis, spending long periods of time either in hospital or living in accommodation nearby.

Eliza, Liberty, Novalie Bee Kind poster
Graffico have teamed up with Novalie to sell 100 limited edition prints of her 'Bee Kind' artwork. Photo: Supplied

During her treatment, the family found art a therapeutic way to deal with things, and together they turned the walls of the cancer ward into an art gallery full of inspirational quotes.

For Mother's Day 2022, some of Novalie's favourite nurses asked her to make cards for their mums. By the time Father’s Day rolled around, she had about 100 requests for cards, with the family turning their tiny hospital room into a greeting card factory.

In Spring 2022, Novalie was finally able to leave the hospital and it wasn’t long before she set up her own Etsy store to sell some of her highly popular graphics.

Eliza and Liberty's house

Novalie’s ‘Bee Brave’ artwork was a massive hit with the judges during Eliza and Liberty’s kids’ room week.

It pulled at the judges' heartstrings, with Shaynna commenting that it was a ‘room with heart’.

“It’s going to be very hard to go past house five on auction day,” judge Darren Palmer said when he saw the room.

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