The Block finale: Kristy and Brett's auctioneer hits back after claim he 's*** the bed'

EXCLUSIVE: The Block 'villains' were left shocked after their auction didn't go to plan.

The Block 2023 delivered one of the most dramatic seasons of the show in its history, with South Australian couple Brett and Kristy becoming one of the season's most controversial couples.

While they may have brought the drama, in the end, their renovations didn't bring the money: the couple scored a profit of just $65,000 over their reserve.

"We haven't even covered half our wages for being here," an upset Kristy said as the auction closed with a whimper, not a bang.

'We are mad'

Kristy and Brett on the finale of The Block
Kristy and Brett react to their auction. Photo: Nine

Kristy told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time of the auction that their agent "s*** the bed", saying the experience was "unfair".

“Our agent s*** the bed with our game plan […] of what we went forward with,” she said. “He pretty much said what our reserve price was to everyone at the auction, which not only crawled mine but also crawled the other two houses. He didn’t have to say what the reserves were.”

“We came on for an experience, we came in with a game plan and a strategy,” she continued. “We are not mad for the $65,000 price, we know that is a lot of money. We are mad at the way that auction played out.”

'I was overruled'

The Block's Kristy and Brett
The Block's Kristy and Brett. Photo: Nine

Sam Inan from Belle Property told Yahoo Lifestyle that if someone at an auction asks what the reserves were, it's 'difficult' to answer with Consumer Affairs in the room.

"You can say 'I am not ready to answer that.' However, with Consumer Affairs in the room it is difficult," Sam said.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Consumer Affairs followed Sam around between the auctions of House 5 and House 3.

See all the finished houses here:

“It is hard not to tell the honest truth and not say that it is on the market," Sam said.

“I had come up with a different strategy with the contestants Kristy and Brett, but I was overruled by producers and I can see that House 3 is visibly upset.”

With The Block 2023 ending with the fan favourites winning and the 'villains' of the season crashing in comparison, people have speculated if the outcome of the finale was manipulated after the dramatic season.

“Who knows what the narratives are… the public who follow the show aren’t the people who buy the houses," Sam said.

“Perhaps if the contestants were more popular, then it might have helped the auctioneers a little bit more.”

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