The Block fans left furious over 'hard to watch' finale

Fans have slammed the millionaire bidders for flaunting their wealth.

Last night's finale of The Block left some viewers feeling frustrated after two multi-millionaires showcased their exorbitant wealth at the auctions.

While the names Danny Wallis and Adrian Portelli might not mean much to the everyday Aussie, fans who have tuned into The Block over the years may recognise them as the men who help contestants make a nice little profit on their homes, with Danny being a seasoned regular at the finales, while Adrian first popped up last year.

Last night, both Danny and Adrian were locked in a bidding war across The Block properties, splashing their cash around in a way that left some viewers feeling frustrated.

The Block winners Gian and Steph with investor Adrian Portelli
The Block winners Gian and Steph with investor Adrian Portelli. Photo: Nine

Adrian ended up with three properties for a cool $12.4 million, with some bizarre auction tactics including bidding against himself and raising house prices by $100,000.


This caused The Block fans to react, calling it 'hard to watch'.

Some fans stood up for Adrian after his bidding.

"That guy worked hard for his money and he also generously helps the charity Little Legends. There’s always going to be some people with more than others, that’s the way life is," one person commented.

Other fans said they were getting bored with the same wealthy bidders year in, and year out.

According to, Adrian's plans for the three Block properties is using them as fodder for his online lottery business, offering them up as prizes for people who enter his competition draws.


As for the other rich property man, Danny?

Danny, who has been purchasing properties on The Block for 10 years, left empty-handed after last night's finale.

Adrian Portelli and Danny Wallis
Adrian Portelli and Danny Wallis. Photo: Nine

As he left the auctions, Danny told reporters that he believed Steph and Gian's House 4 and Eliza and Liberty's House 5 sold for "too much", with the properties selling for $5,000,000 and $4,300,000, respectively.

When asked why he didn't go harder to win Houses 1, 2 or 3, Danny didn't mince his words, telling Domain, "They're junk."

"[They’re] high maintenance for investment properties, which is what we have to consider," his sister added.

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