The Block viewers turn on contestants after 'vindictive' act of revenge: 'Lost all respect'

It may be the end of the road for The Block stars but the drama isn't slowing down.

They’ve been fan favourites from the very beginning of The Block but viewers have been left ‘extremely disappointed’ over the actions of two couples on the hit TV show.

This week, Kyle and Leslie from House 1 decided to sell their gnome to Steph and Gian from House 4, mainly as an act of revenge for House 2’s earlier accusations.

Last week, House 2’s Leah and Ash accused Kyle and Leslie of overspending on their backyard week, threatening to call an audit of their landscapers’s budget.

The Block's Steph and Gian with Scott Cam
Viewers have turned on some of The Block's fan favourites. Photo: Channel Nine

After plunging most of their funds into their backyard, Kyle and Leslie were left with pennies come front yard week and because of this (and to get a little revenge on Leah and Ash), they decided to sell their highly sought-after gnome to House 4.


However, fans online have been left a little put out by the move, with many turning on the once favourites, saying Steph and Gian have won enough and that it seems out of character for Kyle and Leslie.

“Haven’t they won enough? This seems very, very unfair. Regardless of whether you like certain contestants or not let’s play on an even playing field” one person said.

“I have now lost all respect for Steph & Gian,” another fan wrote.

Steph and Gian from The Block
Steph and Gian bought Leslie and Kyle's gnome. Photo: Channel Nine
Kyle and Leslie on The Block
Leslie and Kyle have turned on House 2's Leah and Ash. Photo: Channel Nine

“This is just all getting so vindictive. I don’t like it,” a viewer wrote.

“It’s not about selling the gnome. That’s fair game, it’s the behaviour they are displaying regarding the whole situation that is extremely disappointing,” another person wrote.

Others said the rules around gnomes should have been made clear to everyone before filming began and that they were also shocked that Scott Cam gave Steph and Gian the go-ahead to purchase the gnome.

The Block's Leah lashes out after devastating news

It comes after House 2’s Leah spoke out about the ‘heartbreaking’ way she and husband Ash finished their time on the show.

According to TV WEEK, this week on the show, viewers will be shown the devastating moment Leah and Ash find out their beloved family dog, Ollie, has passed away.

But while Leah may have thought ongoing feuds would be put aside due to the news, she claims it’s the last thing that happened.

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Leah and Ash on The Block
This week The Block will show Leah and Ash receive the devastating news that their family dog has died. Photo: Channel 9

"I thought everyone would be the bigger person and rally around us, but they didn't,” she said. “I've never felt more alone”.

After Leah and Ash questioned House 1’s Leslie and Kyle last week over their budget, Leah claims everyone “turned on her”.

"Steph and Gian bought the gnome – and that's a totally fine gameplay – but hiding it from us? That's dirty,” she said.

"We felt betrayed by every single contestant, especially the girls [sisters Eliza and Liberty]," Leah declares. "It was a really heartbreaking and disappointing way to finish The Block."

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