The Block fans fume over challenge wins being 'set up for conflict'

Viewers are sceptical about Leah and Ash's third challenge win in a row.

The Block fans have accused producers of “rigging” particular challenges to create conflict amongst the cast.

During Tuesday night’s episode, the contestants competed in a blacksmith challenge where they had to construct a metal sculpture for their upcoming living and dining rooms.

The Block's teams competing in a blacksmith challenge.
The Block teams competed in a blacksmith challenge during Tuesday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Although sisters Eliza and Liberty were praised for creating an art piece they believed represented their journey on the show, Leah and Ash took out the win with their geometric sculpture.


The married couple walked away from the challenge with $5,000, which came shortly after they won last week's bathroom reveal and received an additional $10,000 from plumber Tom.

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The other teams were clearly unhappy with Leah and Ash’s winning streak after previously criticising them for being “bad winners”.

“I’m gonna be pissed if Ash and Leah win more money,” Eliza said on her way to the challenge. “Leah and Ash get insulted when they aren’t at the top, but then when they win they seem agitated as well.”

“They’re not good losers but they’re also not good winners, I don’t think,” Liberty remarked.

The Block's Leah and Ash with their winning sculpture.
Fans were sceptical with the fact that Leah and Ash had won their third challenge in a row. Photos: Channel Nine

'Not acceptable'

Taking to social media following the challenge, some fans questioned whether Leah and Ash won purely to provoke their competitors.

“Getting the feeling a lot of the wins are being set up for conflict now,” one person commented.

“Rigged and not acceptable,” another agreed, while someone else said, “Totally agree so wrong damn”.

“It's clear Leah and Ash are the producers' pets just like Tom and Sarah-Jane last year,” a different user replied.

Meanwhile, a majority of viewers agreed that the Queenslanders deserved the win because of their impressive creation.

“Like them or not, it was the best,” one fan wrote, followed by someone else who said, “I liked it. I was hoping the girls would win but credit where it’s due”.


“It was the best sculpture, they deserved the win,” a third remarked.

“House 2 had the best design and was finished much better than the others. There were a few sore losers though,” another person commented.

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